HEAD Evo Speed

Experience superior control and power with the HEAD Evo Speed Padel Racket. Our detailed review explores its user-friendly features and durability.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.5




365 gr




Black EVA Soft Laminate


Carbon 3K / Cork




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HEAD EVO Padel Racket

The HEAD Evo Speed padel racket is a commendable choice for beginners and intermediate players. Designed with user-friendly features and a balanced frame, it caters to players across various skill levels. Though it's not the most visually pleasing racket on the market, its functional merits more than make up for its aesthetic shortcomings.


Shape and Balance

Crafted with a balanced design, the HEAD Evo Speed is an all-around performer. It's crafted with an emphasis on even weight distribution, ensuring improved maneuverability on the court. This balance allows us to respond swiftly to varying shots, contributing to a boost in our reaction times.

Weight and Grip

One of the key strengths of the HEAD Evo Speed racket lies in its lightweight nature. This makes the racket easy to handle and reduces the strain on the wrist, promoting a more fluid swing. The easy-to-handle nature also enhances the grip, allowing us to maintain a firm hold throughout the gameplay.

Power and Control

Despite its lightweight design, the racket doesn't compromise on power. Thanks to its durable polyurethane material, we've found that the HEAD Evo Speed helps us generate a strong force in our shots. This, combined with its balanced shape, enhances control on the court, allowing us to place shots precisely where we intend them.

Comfort and Speed

The HEAD Evo Speed excels in comfort, making our introductory games an enjoyable experience. The racket is comfortable to handle and swing, reducing the chances of fatigue even in longer games. This lightweight and balanced design also contribute to the speed, offering quick reaction times and improved control on the court.

Material and Durability

The HEAD Evo Speed racket is constructed with durable polyurethane material, which extends its longevity. Despite the rigors of gameplay, this racket proved to be resistant to wear and tear, showcasing its reliable durability. However, we'd like to note that its warranty is limited to one year. While this doesn't undermine the racket's quality, some competitors do offer a longer warranty period.


In conclusion, the HEAD Evo Speed is a sound investment for anyone looking to venture into Padel or improve their skills. Although it has minor downsides such as its fluctuating price and limited warranty, it impresses with its overall performance. Lightweight, balanced, and durable, this racket allows players of all skill levels to enjoy their Padel experience. So, whether you're a beginner looking to learn the ropes or an intermediate player aiming to up your game, the HEAD Evo Speed Padel Racket is a worthwhile consideration.

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