Kombat SWAT Blue Carbon 18K

Explore the finesse & power of the Kombat SWAT Blue Carbon 18K padel racket. Excellent control, medium feel & Black EVA core, optimum for all level.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.6




350 - 380 gr




Black EVA


Blue Titan 18K Rough


100% Carbon

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Kombat SWAT Blue Carbon 18K

The Kombat SWAT Blue Carbon 18K padel racket is one you certainly don't want to overlook when it comes to performance on the padel court. Engineered to deliver an optimal game, it's an ideal companion for players with an intermediate skill level, and offers a satisfying interplay of power and control in the hands of the right user.


The Kombat SWAT Blue Carbon 18K boasts an array of features that were subjected under careful scrutiny during our review session.

Shape and Balance

This racket flaunts a diamond shape design, which offers fantastic attributes to most players. This characteristic can bring out an impactful combination of power and precision while making strokes, allowing the player to control the course of the game efficiently.

Dynamic Balance

The strategic balance it provides enables a medium feel facilitating a nice balance between control and power. This balance can greatly enhance the player's performance, especially during high-pressure matches.


The handling of the Kombat SWAT Blue Carbon 18K is smooth and controlled, contributing to the overall easy maneuverability of the racket.


The grip is superbly comfortable, even during marathon games. This gentle handling can significantly improve playability, facilitation, and general maneuverability.

Power and Control

This model of Kombat padel racket offers a remarkable balance between power and control. With this, the players can lay out offensive and defensive strategies alike in an effective and balanced manner.


The design and materials of this racket provide a superior precision. Its diamond shape and firm handle allows the racket to deliver balls to the desired spot with accuracy.

Comfort and Speed

Ergonomic in design, the Kombat SWAT Blue Carbon 18K is generally comfortable for extended gameplay. Also, its calculated balance gives the product a swift response time, which means speed and precision play hand-in-hand while using this racket.

Materials and Durability

The Kombat SWAT Blue Carbon 18K is a perfect blend of durability and performance. Constructed with a 100% carbon frame, Blue Titan 18K Rough faces, and a Black EVA core, it promises to withstand regular wear and tear, ensuring the racket's longevity and maintaining its quality even after intensive play.


Presence of carbon in the frame ensures heightened durability and strength. Blue Titan 18K Rough gives a rough and rugged finish to the product while Black EVA forms the core of this racket providing more flexible and resilient plays.


To sum it all up, the Kombat SWAT Blue Carbon 18K is a worthy addition to the toolkit of any intermediate padel player. Power, control, comfort, durability, and an impressive balance - it's got it all. Designed to push players towards their best performance on the court, it's a well-rounded choice that promises not to disappoint.

Remember, the choice of the right racket is a crucial decision affecting your game. Therefore, it's essential to consider these factors carefully before making a purchase. With the Kombat SWAT Blue Carbon 18K, you're surely making a great step towards a remarkable journey in the world of padel!

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