Kombat Troya Aquiles

Dive into the world of padel with the 2023 Kombat Troya Aquiles. Featuring 100% carbon frame and 12k rough carbon faces for a medium-soft feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.3




350 - 380 gr




Black EVA


Rough 12K Carbon


100% Carbon

Kombat Troya Aquiles

If you're searching for a padel racket that strikes an admirable balance between power and control, then the Kombat Troya Aquiles might just be the one for you. The racket comes with a host of features designed to optimize a player's game on the court. Let's delve into the specifics.


Shape and Balance

The diamond shape of the Kombat Troya Aquiles plays a crucial role in its overall performance on the court. This design helps evenly distribute the balance across the racket, enhancing stability and allowing for more precise shots.


During our trial period with this racket, we were particularly impressed by its grip. The standard size provides excellent comfort, and maintaining control during protracted games becomes so much easier. This feature also contributes significantly to its sustained playability despite enduring sessions of play.

Power and Control

Challenging shots often require a fine balance of power and control. This is where the Kombat Troya Aquiles genuinely thrives. The racket's unique power-control ratio gives a distinct advantage to the player, both defensively and offensively, resulting in an improved overall performance.

Comfort and Speed

In the realm of comfort, the Kombat Troya Aquiles performs admirably. The combination of its ergonomic grip and well-rounded design makes extended plays enjoyable. In addition, the balance of the racket facilitates a quick response, offering a blend of speed and accuracy that is sure to elevate your game.

Material and Durability


The Kombat Troya Aquiles has a frame made of 100% carbon, which promises durability under the intense play of Padel matches. This high-publicized feature enhances the racket's strength while adding a sense of resilience.


The faces of this model are made of 12K rough carbon, ensuring not only longevity but also an extra grip on the ball – a crucial aspect for more advanced spin shots.


The core of this racket, made of Black EVA, is responsible for its medium-soft feel. This feature allows for a fair level of absorption and restitution force, resulting in a more controlled and effective strike.


The Kombat Troya Aquiles makes its mark with exceptional power-control equilibrium, comfortable grip, and overall impressive durability. It reinforces the classic saying, "the right tools determine your performance," and in this case, your performance on the Padel court.

Although, some aspects of this racket might seem advanced for beginners, those who are looking to step up their game, will find this a worthy companion on the court. As always, it's important to ensure the specifications align with your needs - hence, make your decision wisely! Happy gaming in the thrilling world of Padel, and may the best player win!

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