Kombat Navy Seal 18K

Explore the 2023 Kombat Navy Seal 18K, crafted with Carbono 18K Rugoso faces and a 100% Carbono frame. Perfect for the intermediate player seeking control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.6




350 - 380 gr




Black EVA


Rough 18K Carbon


100% Carbon

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Kombat Navy Seal 18K

Strengthening your game becomes more straightforward with a strong pal like the Kombat Navy Seal 18K. Made especially for the players who want to step up their padel skills with a reliable yet versatile choice. Crafted with optimal balance, this racket provides a unique blend of power, control, and playability.


Shape and Balance

Stepping into the detailed analysis of the Kombat Navy Seal 18K, let's initially talk about its diamond shape. This design influences an excellent balance between power and control, allowing you to ace every shot. The weight distribution provides stability during swings and allows for more precise shots.


Measuring grip comfort, I found the Kombat Navy Seal 18K to check all the boxes. It allows a firm, yet comfortable grip, ensuring enhanced control throughout the game. This grip ensures that fatigue won't compromise your gaming experience, even during long matches.

Power and Control

The Kombat Navy Seal 18K captures a remarkable combination of power and control. Whether you're an aggressive player aiming for power shots or a defensive player seeking to make precise shots, this racket has your back. Its balanced properties provide an impressive equilibrium that gives your play a noticeable edge.

Comfort and Speed

Coming to comfort, the Kombat Navy Seal 18K thrives. Its well-thought-out design and medium-soft grip make it a joy to play throughout the game. The racket's well-distributed balance also aids in faster responses, ensuring a fair blend of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

Frame and Faces

The durability of a racket is a critical factor to consider. Ensuring it is the 100% Carbon Frame that structures the Kombat Navy Seal 18K. This material promises a high-resistance against the harsh impacts of intense gaming. The faces of the racket are made from Rough 18K Carbon, enhancing the strength of each swing and providing a great feel during both defensive and aggressive play.

Core material

Delving into the core of the racket, you'll witness Black EVA, a material known for its excellent shock absorption abilities and resilience. This offers a sturdy yet flexible feel focusing on your shot's efficiency.


Kombat Navy Seal 18K is armed with potent playability. It confidently offers a blend of power, control, and comfortable handling, guaranteeing to be a reliable ally in your padel journey.

However, preferences vary, and it is essential to ensure that its unique features are aligned with what you seek. Therefore, make sure that its diamond shape and materials fit your play style before deciding. Notwithstanding, the Kombat Navy Seal 18K remains a substantial contender for enhancing your performance in the padel court.

Remember, the perfect choice of a racket can bring a remarkable improvement in your game. Choose wisely, play strongly. Enjoy your journey in the kingdom of Padel!

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