Kombat IA-63 Pampa

Discover the powerful Kombat IA-63 Pampa racket, built with 100% Carbon frame, Carbon12K faces & Black EVA core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.4




350 - 380 gr




Black EVA


Rough 12K Carbon


100% Carbon

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Kombat IA-63 Pampa

Kombat has always been a brand synonymous with quality and performance in the world of padel rackets. With an emphasis on precision and power, their newest model, Kombat IA-63 Pampa, is no exception. My experience testing the Kombat IA-63 Pampa has shown it to be a top performer on the padel court, offering an impressive amalgamation of speed, control, and resilience.


The Kombat IA-63 Pampa is a high-grade professional padel racket intended for advanced players desiring a setup that's capable of delivering strong offensive plays without sacrificing control.

Shape and Balance

The Kombat IA-63 Pampa comes in a diamond shape which, combined with a medium feel, provides an exemplary blend of power and control. This shape contributes to the racket's exceptional maneuverability, making it feasible to take advanced shots with pinpoint accuracy. The balance leans slightly towards the head, making it more aggressive and suited for powerful shots.


Notably, the grip of the IA-63 Pampa fits comfortably in the hand, facilitating a natural hold that is vital for long rallies. This snug grip size keeps the racket steady, thereby aiding the player in maintaining control in both defensive and attacking plays.

Power and Control

Thanks to the carefully designed shape, there's a harmonious balance between power and control. The diamond shape naturally enhances the power aspect while the medium feel density ensures an enviable level of control. In essence, the IA-63 Pampa performs well in all situations, whether it's a surprise drop shot or a full-smash finishing move.

Comfort and Speed

When it comes to comfort and speed, the Kombat IA-63 Pampa has you covered. Its fine-tuned balance points combined with the expertly crafted grip work in unison to provide a blend of speed and precision that can be a game-changer on the court. The control-based performance style optimizes response time, thereby improving the ease with which an array of shots can be executed.

Material and Durability

The overall robust construction of the IA-63 Pampa plays a significant role in its outstanding performance. The frame is crafted from 100% Carbon, while the faces of the racket employ 12K Carbon, giving it superior durability. Additionally, the core of Black EVA not only increases power but also contributes to this racket's resistance against damage, extending its life span for gamers who often play intense matches.


In conclusion, the Kombat IA-63 Pampa is a compelling choice for padel players who are serious about improving their game. This racket has been carefully engineered to optimize both power and control, without compromising on comfort. Its sturdy construction and exceptional versatility make it an asset on the court, capable of enhancing your performance and giving you the edge you need to win.

While its features align more with advanced players, it's important to remember that choosing a racket is a subjective process. It should always align with the needs of the individual player. So, take the time to consider its features, test it out, and see if the Kombat IA-63 Pampa is your next game-changing racket.

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