Head Extreme One 2024

Experience top-tier power and control with the Head Extreme One 2024 padel racket, boasting quality carbon construction and diamond shape.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.5




345 gr




Power FOAM


12K Carbon


100% Carbon


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Updated on 12 Jul (shipping cost not calculated)

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Head Extreme One 2024

At a glance, it's easy to mistake the Head Extreme One 2024 as just another padel racket. But we're here to tell you that it's not quite so. This racket has won our hearts by delivering a delightful blend of control, power, and more importantly, consistency in the padel court. Built for intermediate to advanced players, the Head Extreme One 2024 surely packs an impressive punch. Let's dig into its features to understand better why we're impressed.


We'll kick off our analysis by discussing the shape and balance, grip, and material construction of the racket. Additionally, we'll also share our thoughts on the racket's power and control as well as the comfort levels it offers.

Shape and Balance

H3 here The diamond shape of the Head Extreme One 2024 plays a key role in its performance. Due to its structure, the racket's balance leans towards the top, which is conducive to powerful attacks. The weight distribution further gives the racket a steady feel during swings, translating to more precise shots.


H3 here What caught our attention was how well-suited the grip was - neither too small nor too large. The grip size seemed just right; for us, it meant improved control and comfort, even during extended play. Not to mention the prospects of reduced fatigue!

Material and Durability

H3 here The build quality and materials used in the Head Extreme One 2024 add to its overall allure. With a 100% Carbon frame and 12K Carbon faces, this racket boasts of robustness and resilience. At the heart of the racket is a Power FOAM core, ensuring optimal energy transfer for smashing returns. In terms of durability, this racket has the potential to last, even in light of frequent intense play.

Power and Control

H3 here Sublime power and excellent control - that's one way to describe the experience with the Head Extreme One 2024. The remarkable power-control balance of this racket makes it a formidable companion in the court. Whether it's strike-style attacks or tactical defense, this racket can potentially elevate your game significantly.

Comfort and Feel

H3 here When it comes to comfort, the Head Extreme One 2024 didn't disappoint. The grip feels ergonomic and comfortable over extended play, and combined with the racket's well-balanced design, the user experience was quite enjoyable. The power FOAM core also contributes to a medium-hard feel, providing a reassuring blend of speed, power, and precision.


The Head Extreme One 2024 is a commendable choice for padel players crossing the beginner-intermediate threshold and beyond. From its balanced power-control profile to its comfortable and empowering feel, it's a solid contender that's difficult to ignore.

Still, as is the case with any gear, perspective is crucial. The balance leaning towards the top might need some getting used to, especially for those newly transitioning from beginner rackets. But for the players committed to their growth and evolution in padel, the Head Extreme One 2024 can potentially be a game-changer. Remember, the correct racket can greatly improve your performance on the court, so weigh the factors meticulously before making your choice.

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