Head Radical Pro 2024

Elevate your game with the Head Radical Pro 2024 padel racket, crafted for precision and power on the court.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9




370 gr




Control FOAM


3K Carbon


Carbon fiber


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Updated on 20 Jun (shipping cost not calculated)

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Head Radical Pro 2024

Embarking on my latest adventure onto the padel court, I had the pleasure of wielding the Head Radical Pro 2024, a racket that boasts a profound fusion of technological innovation and performance-driven design. It's quite the treat for those who yearn for a tool that can truly escalate their game to professional terrains. Here's my comprehensive breakdown of this powerhouse of a racket.


Shape and Balance

The Head Radical Pro 2024 casts a formidable presence with its tear-shape, exuding an aura of fierce playability that balances both power and control seamlessly. This shape ensures a higher sweet spot, granting you that extra millisecond to react and place the ball precisely where you desire. The balance is just right - it avoids being overly head-heavy, which contributes to the racket's impressive maneuverability on the court for a tool geared towards aggressive play.


Right off the bat, the Head Radical Pro 2024 communicates its intent with a distinctive hard feel. This isn't a racket that yields to the faintest touch; rather, it demands a firm command for those powerful serves and volleys. The response from the racket provided a deeply satisfying sense of feedback, especially when striking from the sweet spot.


A standout feature in my playtest was the control aspect this racket provided. Thanks to the Carbon Fiber frame and 3K Carbon surfaces, I had an impeccable command over ball placement, making it a lethal addition to my tactical arsenal. Cross-court shots, precise lobs, delicate drops — the Head Radical Pro 2024 played along like a faithful companion to outfox my opponents.

Feel and Maneuverability

On the court, the racket's feel translated into reliable maneuverability, letting me shift from defensive blocks to swift counters without missing a beat. It's noteworthy that the Control FOAM core plays a significant role here, as it absorbs shock well and contributes to that swift sensation when transitioning between shots.


Immersed in the thick of competitive action, I tapped into the suite of technologies that the Head Radical Pro 2024 offers. The Auxetic design structure made its dynamic adaptability apparent with each power-stroke, while the Extreme Spin texture was a godsend for slicing balls with a venomous twist. Graphene Inside fortifies the racket, bestowing upon it a sturdy yet responsive demeanor that I found particularly useful in rapid volleys.

The Soft Buttcap at the handle's base is another exemplary feature. It drinks in those vibrations and delivers a softer playing experience, ensuring my grip remained stable and comfy even in the most strenuous rallies.

Material and Durability

Every player seeks a racket that isn't just a seasonal fling but a long-term relationship. The Head Radical Pro 2024 shines with Carbon Fiber fortitude, offering admirable resilience against the rigors of intense gameplay. The 3K Carbon at its face marries lightness with robustness, and with the Control FOAM at heart, the racket pledges a performance that doesn't ebb at the first sign of distress.


At the vanguard of padel racket innovation, the Head Radical Pro 2024 is undeniably a top-tier tool that will enchant advanced players and professionals alike. It's the perfect storm of power, control, and modern ingenuity. A racket that commands respect on the court and provides a gamut of strata to explore and dominate in your playing style.

Yet, as with every masterpiece, it tailors to a specific cadre of players—one that relishes the harmony of might and mastery. For those in the quest for such a weapon, the Head Radical Pro 2024 may very well be the key to unlocking the next echelon of your padel prowess.

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