Star Vie Kenta 2024

Explore the latest Star Vie Kenta 2024 padel racket, expertly crafted with 100% carbon frame & EVA Soft 30 core for superior control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9




350 - 380 gr




EVA Soft 30


Double layer of 3K carbon


100% Carbon

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Star Vie Kenta 2024

The Star Vie Kenta 2024 is an exceptional piece of equipment for any padel enthusiast. Especially suited for players who relish a medium-hard feel with an emphasis on control, this racket does not compromise power. Built from high-quality materials, it promises to deliver both performance and durability. Here's a detailed look at what you can expect from the Star Vie Kenta 2024.


Shape and Balance

A notable feature of the Star Vie Kenta 2024 is its round shape. This design provides an excellent balance during play, making it an ideal choice for players who prefer both precision and stability. The even distribution of the racket's weight ensures true ball striking, further enhancing your control over each shot you play.

Racket Feel

Featuring a medium-hard feel, the Star Vie Kenta 2024 provides the perfect blend of comfort and responsiveness. It strikes the right balance between hardness for power and softness for control - a characteristic that can give you an edge in every game.


True to Star Vie's reputation, the Kenta 2024 offers a comfortable grip size. The grip allows for a firm and comfortable hand placement which results in an improved shot accuracy, whether you are engaging in powerful swings or directing delicate drop shots.

Power and Control

What sets the Star Vie Kenta 2024 apart from many of its competitors is its impeccable balance between power and control. With an impressive track record of delivering precise control without compromising power, this racket can be a valuable asset to any player aiming to perfect their shot direction and placement.


The Star Vie Kenta 2024 is distinguished by its superior maneuverability. Coupled with its rounded shape, the racket allows for quick and swift movements, empowering players to effortlessly adapt to changing game dynamics.

Material and Durability

Constructed with a 100% Carbon frame and double layers of 3K Carbon on the faces, the Star Vie Kenta 2024 is built to last. The EVA Soft 30 Core provides ample shock absorption, enhancing its durability while ensuring it maintains its high performance even after extensive use.

Quality of Materials

The quality of materials used in the Star Vie Kenta 2024 does not only ensure the longevity of the racket but also drastically improves its performance. The carbon construction guarantees stability, while the EVA Soft 30 Core enhances the control and power of your shots.


In summary, the Star Vie Kenta 2024 is a trustworthy option for any player seeking a racket that skillfully blends power and control. The superior quality material, coupled with the comfortable grip and superior maneuverability, makes it a worthy investment for anyone looking to enhance their padel game. However, as every player's style and preferences differ, it's important to try out the Star Vie Kenta 2024 to see if its characteristics match your gameplay. Regardless, with its impeccable construction and performance, there is no doubt that you'll get value for your money with this racket. Remember, your gear can make all the difference in the court, so choose wisely!

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