Oxdog Sense Pro 2024

Discover the elite Oxdog Sense Pro 2024 padel racket for precision and power on the court. Ideal for advanced players seeking control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.4




365 gr




EVA Medium +


HES Carbon


Carbon fiber

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Oxdog Sense Pro 2024

As enthusiasts in the vibrant and strategic sport of padel, we're always on the lookout for equipment that can elevate our game. Today, we turn our attention to the Oxdog Sense Pro 2024, a racket that might just be the key to unlocking a new level of performance on the court.

Technical Analysis

Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Oxdog Sense Pro lends itself to a game rooted in control, yet it doesn't shy away from providing that satisfying punch when going on the offensive. Players can rely on its solid construction, with a carbon fiber frame, to make every shot count. What's more, possessing a medium-hard feel, this padel racket delivers a pleasing amount of feedback upon ball contact.

The balance of the racket is an intricate dance between stability and agility. Equipped with innovative technologies like the Racket Balance System (RBS), players can adjust the weight at the base, tailoring the racket to suit their personal play style — a subtle, yet effective customization tool.

Surface and Material

The HES Carbon on the faces of the racket is reactive and rigid, giving players that all-important power to drive the ball across the court. This kind of material doesn't just bring immediate benefits to gameplay; it also extends the lifespan of the racket, making your investment last longer.


This racket is a technological marvel, featuring Double Size Holes (DSH) distributed to enhance play outside of the sweet spot. The SilentSpeed and PowerRibs design significantly reduces vibrations, not just for a quieter striking sound but also for a more comfortable playing experience. For the health-conscious player, the Vibradamp technology with silicone inserts under the grip is particularly beneficial, dampening vibrations to protect joints during intense matches.

Playing Experience

From the Back of the Court

Starting from the back, the Oxdog Sense Pro displays reliability in defense, thanks to its round shape. The touch might be on the firmer side, demanding precision, but it rewards you with remarkable accuracy. Moreover, the extensive sweet spot gifted by its design maintains control and power, even from this defensive position.

On the Offensive at the Net

The racket's high balance and sandy surface texture come into their own at the net. They provide an arsenal to execute aggressive plays, helping to put away points with volleys and smashes. The attributes of the racket come together to transform energy into speed and precision, essential for dominating the upfront game.

Serving Up Power

The Oxdog Sense Pro truly shines when overhead shots are called into action. It has a characteristic that makes it naturally effective for smashes, allowing players to clear the ball off the court with less effort than might be expected. Its design ensures that even those not boasting a refined technique can find success with powerful finishes.


The Oxdog Sense Pro 2024 stands as an embodiment of what a player seeks in a versatile and resilient racket. It transitions smoothly from defense to attack, and the large sweet spot is unforgiving when it comes to slightly off-center hits. While it dazzles at the net with its capability to drive potent shots, one must remember to stay vigilant on smashes against powerful returns by opponents.

In my appraisal, this racket may not be the sole ticket to winning every match, but it is undoubtedly an asset for players looking to enhance their game with a blend of control and power. After all, in the enthusiastic pursuit of padel excellence, the right racket can be a valuable ally.

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