Wilson Bela Elite V2.5 2024

Achieve mastery on the court with the Wilson Bela Elite V2.5 2024 padel racket, designed for precision & power.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.2




365 gr




EVA Soft


Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber

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Wilson Bela Elite V2.5 2024

In the competitive landscape of padel, the emergence of the Wilson Bela Elite V2.5 is a significant development designed to meet the demands of players looking for a fusion of power and control on the court. The collaboration with padel legend Fernando Belasteguín has resulted in a racket that embodies precision and high performance.

Technical Analysis

Shape and Balance

The diamond shape of this racket is a clear indicator of its aggressive intent. Positioned towards advancing players who value power without sacrificing control, the design lends itself to an attacking style of play while maintaining a reassuring sense of balance during each strike. This blend is an asset for anyone looking to dominate the court.

Materials and Composition

Crafted with a carbon fiber frame and carbon fiber faces, the Wilson Bela Elite V2.5 presents itself as a durable and responsive option. Its EVA Soft core provides a plush, comfortable hitting experience, absorbing shock and reducing fatigue during long matches. This racket's composition showcases Wilson's commitment to quality materials, enhancing the gameplay for its users.

Feel and Handling

With a medium feel, players can enjoy both sensitivity and a solid impact with each shot. The racket's forgiving nature, especially within its ample sweet spot, allows for confident play and accurate placement. Maneuverability is a breeze, allowing for quick transitions and reflexive shots that keep opponents on their toes.

Surface and Texture

Employing a distinctive surface texture, this racket provides extra grip on the ball to produce patience and spin. Players who love crafting points with thoughtful placement and nuanced spins will appreciate the additional level of tactical play that this racket affords.

Playing Experience


From the back of the court, the racket's control is immediately noticeable. The ability to absorb pace and return shots with precision gives a sense of empowerment, even under pressure. This defensive solidity can turn the tide during rallies, making it a formidable opponent for aggressive adversaries.

Net Play

Advancing to the net, the racket's diamond shape proves its worth. The ability to accelerate shots is matched by a control-oriented touch that makes for effective volleys and smashes. Playing up close and personal is a joy, with the racket responding eagerly to fast-paced exchanges and net duels.

Overhead and Finishing

When it comes to finishing off points, the racket showcases its power capabilities. Without the necessity for perfect technique, players can deliver decisive smashes and send the ball sailing past opponents. The racket translates energy into effective overhead shots, making it a weapon for those crucial moments.


The Wilson Bela Elite V2.5 emerges as a sophisticated instrument on the padel court. Its combination of power, precision, and comfort align to craft a racket that supports a wide range of playing styles. It caters to those who enjoy an aggressive approach to the game but do not wish to compromise on control. Its robust construction and thoughtful design suggest that this racket will become an envy-inducing component in any player's arsenal. Whether slicing through defenses or holding the front line at the net, this racket is more than capable of excelling in the various phases of padel play.

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