Head Radical Motion 2024

Experience top-tier padel play with the Head Radical Motion 2024 racket, crafted for precision and power.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.2




355 gr




Control FOAM


3K Carbon


Carbon fiber


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Updated on 22 Jul (shipping cost not calculated)

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Head Radical Motion 2024

When it comes to taking my padel game to the next level, I've found that the Head Radical Motion 2024 is a fantastic choice. This racket is engineered for balance and precision, offering an unbeatable combination of playability attributes that cater to advanced players looking to dominate the court.


Shape and Balance

The teardrop shape is an intrinsic part of what makes the Head Radical Motion 2024 stand out. This shape lends itself to an expanded sweet spot, enhancing shot tolerance and making the creation of spin more intuitive.

Sweet Spot and Control

The enlarged sweet spot is not just a selling point of convenience; it significantly boosts control, reassuring me that off-center hits still maintain a good direction and pace. Couple that with the carbon frame and 3K carbon faces for added surface resilience, and you have a racket that's hard-wearing and dependable.

Handling and Maneuverability

In terms of maneuverability, this racket dances in the hand. The teardrop shape keeps it well balanced, allowing for quick adjustments and rapid transitions between strokes—an essential feature for players who relish a dynamic style of play.

Power and Control

Although the Head Radical Motion 2024 leans towards control, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of power it was able to generate. The racket's Control FOAM core offers a great fusion of energy return and precision, harnessing the force of each shot effectively.

Feel and Reaction

The first thing I noticed was the hard feel of the racket. It translates into a crisper contact, delivering a tangible feedback with every stroke I play. This makes for an exceptionally communicative gaming experience where I can sense the nuances of my shots.

Material and Durability

The Head Radical Motion 2024 excels in both material composition and build quality. The use of carbon fiber in the frame and faces brings resilience and a professional touch to the game, promising impressive durability against the physical demands of regular play.

Core Performance

At the heart lies the Control FOAM, an advanced material that upholds the racket's firm character while offering room for power. This combination ensures that the Head Radical Motion 2024 is not just a mere defensive tool but one that can hold its ground when the play gets assertive.

Surface Texture

The Carbon 3K face texture not only complements the racket aesthetically but also serves a functional purpose. It fosters greater spin potential and fine control, allowing for aggressive shot-making with an added bite.


To wrap up, the Head Radical Motion 2024 is a racket that exudes quality and precision. Its excellent balance and touch make it a formidable opponent on the padel court. The craftsmanship involved is of the highest standard, offering a product that can endure the rigors of competitive play while providing an edge to the surgical striker.

Its hard feel and distinct feedback cater to players who enjoy a tactile response when they hit the ball, adding an extra level of immersion to the game. Such players will find the Head Radical Motion 2024 to be an extension of their will on the court—a tool that not only executes their commands with precision but also relishes in the heat of a challenge.

Selecting the right racket is a personal journey, one that is dictated by your playing style, strengths, and the incremental advantages you seek within your game. In the case of the Head Radical Motion 2024, it's a sound investment toward mastering control without sacrificing potential power—a balance that can tip the scales in any match.

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