Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro

Review of Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro, a tear-shaped padel racket with Graphene 360 frame and Power FOAM core for excellent maneuverability.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




375 gr




Power FOAM


Graphene 360


Graphene 360


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Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro

The Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro by the Austrian brand Head is an impressive padel racket that brings the combination of excellent control and power into play. As a match-winning tool, this racket is designed for experienced players making a transition from defense to attack gameplay, providing a solid base to enhance their strategies and techniques.


The Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro is crafted with superior technology and materials aimed at ensuring optimal performance, balance, and durability.

Shape and Balance

The teardrop-shaped Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro exhibits one of the distinctive features, providing remarkable balance. This balance ensures steady control and grip over the racket during powerfully struck shots.


One of the hallmarks of the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro is its playability. From baseline shots to volleys, it has excellent potential to execute beautifully struck shots.

In the Back

The Optimized Sweet Spot technology grants the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro a substantial sweet spot, paving the way for better control and facilitating off-center shots with ease. Precise lob shots or cunning short shots, this racket will assist in displaying your court prowess.

At the Net

Being a control-orientated racket, it is suitable for different moves in the net area. Whether you're going for sharp volleys or unexpected blocks, its exceptional sweet spot will definitely serve you well.

For the Smash

Though not expressly designed for smashes, it does a solid job of producing effective and powerful remate shots both flat and por tres.

Material and Durability

The Graphene 360 material, which constitutes the frame and faces of the racket, coupled with a Power FOAM core, ensures high durability and resistance towards scrapes. This combination results in an unbeatable racket that guarantees an excellent lifespan, extending the quality playtime on the court.


In conclusion, the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro presents itself as a robust, versatile option for seasoned players, especially those transitioning towards an attacking playstyle, and anyone who prefers the superior touch that FOAM provides. While advanced techniques are required to fully utilize the potential of this racket, once mastered, it could be your key to dominating the court.

Remember, finding the ideal padel racket is a personal journey, and it should be chosen based on your gameplay style, preferences, and comfort. Happy playing!

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