Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2022

Discover the superior play of Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2022 Padel Racket. High performance made with carbon frame and EVA HR3 core.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.4




360 - 375 gr






1 layer of metallized fiberglass and other layers of fiberglass


100% Carbon


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Updated on 23 Jan (shipping cost not calculated)

Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2022

Before we dive into the specifics of the Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2022 racket, let me just start by saying that the incredibly enduring reputation it holds among seasoned and young players alike speaks volumes about its quality and performance. Refreshing continuity meets delightful innovation in this model, which carries forward our favorite elements from the iconic Miguel Lamperti series while introducing some interesting updates.


Shape and Balance

The Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2022 model benefits massively from its round mold. This shape affords it a considerably large sweet spot, or in layman's terms, a wider area on the racket that will deliver optimal ball contact. An exceptional balance and a comfortable medium feel also enable guaranteed efficiency and power in stressful situations, especially at the back of the court.

Control and Maneuverability

Let's focus on the racket's handling for a moment. With an admirable amount of control and maneuverability, this model feels like it has been a part of our kit for an unimaginably long time. Whether you're digging deep in defense or smoothly transitioning into attack, the Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2022 supports your rally with a controlled level of ball rebound.

Grip and Anti-vibration System

With a silica sand rough surface facilitating a good grip on the ball and an integrated anti-vibration AVS system on the frame near the grip, this racket handles vibrations with ease, even during intense gameplay. These thoughtful elements help maintain the racket's stability, preserving your playing comfort and reducing strain on your arm.

Material and Durability

Constructed with a 100% carbon frame, and a faces made of a layer of metallized fiberglass and other layers of simple fiberglass, the Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2022 delivers both stiffness and durability. The core of high-density EVA HR3, renowned for its durability and resilience, ensures powerful hits, adding to the versatility of this racket.

Touch and Rebound

One feature that particularly captivated our attention was its unique combination of different materials, leading to a medium feel. The metallized fiberglass layer in the faces give the racket an appealing blend of stiffness and flexibility, offering a judicious balance between power and control.


In our final analysis, we can confidently say that the Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2022 revolutionizes the classic padel racket with its blend of time-honored design and innovative, player-friendly features. It's a racket that looks just as impressive as it performs, with an attractive logo and color scheme and the true grit for consistent play.

It's worth noting, though, that for all its strengths, this model may not be optimal for raw power hits, especially in smashes. But with proper stroke timing and technique, it can serve as a powerful companion to players looking to up their game. It's a highly satisfactory racket that no player should overlook. As with everything, make sure it suits your specific playing style and needs, as every player is unique. Wishing you success in your padel journey!

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