Head Gravity Motion 2022

Review and details of the 2022 Head Gravity Motion padel racket, optimal for maneuverability with a tear shape and medium-soft feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




345 - 355 gr




Power FOAM




Carbon Fiber

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Head Gravity Motion 2022


Choosing the perfect padel racket can significantly elevate your game, and the Head Gravity Motion 2022 is a powerful contender. This model promises an intriguing blend of control, power, and maneuverability. Here's what I found when I tried it out for myself.


Shape and Balance

In padel, the racket’s shape is critical to its overall performance. The Head Gravity Motion 2022 has a tear shape, providing a solid blend of control and power. This balance lends players of all skills levels a sense of stability and confidence when making those crucial shots.


The Head Gravity Motion 2022 is constructed using top-tier materials to ensure optimum performance. A carbon fiber frame gives this racket excellent durability, while the fiberglass faces add a significant amount of flexibility. This combination results in a high-quality racket that is bound to elevate your performance on the court. And last but not least, the Power FOAM core delivers a potent punch while maintaining a soft feel - a mix that aids in providing those game-winning shots.


When considering a racket, the grip should never be ignored. Based on my experience, the grip of the Head Gravity Motion 2022 facilitates a level of control and comfort that is highly conducive for captivating and long-lasting matches.

Power and Control

The Head Gravity Motion 2022 truly excels when it comes to power and control. This racket provides players with an ideal balance, so whether you're an aggressive player or prefer a defensive gameplay, this model caters brilliantly to both styles.

Comfort and Maneuverability

Comfort is a standout feature of the Head Gravity Motion 2022. This model really impressed me during extended periods of play, its medium-soft feel contributing greatly to its comfort factor. The racket's top-notch maneuverability also enhances its appeal, enabling swift, responsive shots without requiring much physical exertion.

Material and Durability

The selection of materials for the Head Gravity Motion 2022 showcases a focus on durability and longevity. The carbon fiber frame, fiberglass faces, and Power FOAM core not only contribute to the overall performance of the racket but also ensure its resistance to wear and tear, even after long periods of intense play.


All in all, the Head Gravity Motion 2022 is a fantastic choice for those looking to enhance their padel game. With its optimal balance of power and control, excellent maneuverability, comfortable grip, and durable construction, this racket is designed to impress.

However, as every player is unique, it's essential to consider whether this racket aligns with your style and level of play. Yet for those in search of a racket that promises performance, durability, and style, the Head Gravity Motion 2022 could be just the racket you're looking for. Remember, the appropriate racket can significantly impact your performance on the court, so do your research and make a choice that suits your individual needs.

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