Head Gravity Pro 2022

Explore the Head Gravity Pro 2022 padel racket, made with Fibra de carbono & Power FOAM. Offers a medium feel, great for both power & control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8




360 - 380 gr




Power FOAM


Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber


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Head Gravity Pro 2022

Let's delve into one of the promising contenders on the padel court - the Head Gravity Pro 2022. Developed by the renowned brand, Head, this racket brings a blend of impressive features to the table. Designed to give players an edge on the court, it strikes the right balance between power, control, and rebound. Whether you're an intermediate player looking to up your game or a professional seeking more precision, this racket might just be the perfect fit for you.


Shape and Balance

The Head Gravity Pro 2022 adopts a tear shape, which lends to the racket's fantastic control capabilities. The even distribution of its weight across the racket provides excellent stability during swings, ensuring highly precise shots.


In our test sessions, one aspect we found particularly commendable was the standard grip size of the racket. It provides a comfortable and snug fit, ensuring both convenience and precision control throughout the match, thereby making it perfect for long durations of play.

Power and Control

Power and control are the key performance aspects where the Head Gravity Pro 2022 shines. Its excellent balance between power and control makes it a formidable weapon on the court. It's geared to help both intermediate and pro players elevate their game by equipping them with superior control during both offence and defence.

Comfort and Speed

For comfort, the Head Gravity Pro 2022 does an excellent job delivering a comfortable padel experience due to its well-rounded design and perfectly fitting grips. Together with its balanced weight distribution, it also guarantees quick response times, fusing speed and precision beautifully.

Material and Durability

One of the highlights of the Head Gravity Pro 2022 is its durable construction. The frame and faces are made of carbon fibre, a material known for its exemplary strength and longevity. Meanwhile, the core is made of Power FOAM, which not only adds to the resilience of the racket but also improves its overall performance. Therefore, you can be assured of its ability to withstand wear and tear despite intense play.


To summarise, the Head Gravity Pro 2022 is a compelling option for both intermediate and pro padel players seeking to level up their performance. Its blend of power, control, and comfort, coupled with a durable and sturdy construction, make it a dependable ally on the court.

However, remember that it's crucial to consider if the racket aligns with your exact needs. While it's loaded with impressive features, every player has unique requirements, so ensure you're choosing a racket that will genuinely enrich your play. Regardless, if you're looking for a trustworthy and high-performing racket, the Head Gravity Pro 2022 has a lot to offer.

Keep in mind that the right racket can significantly influence your performance, so carefully weigh these factors before making your choice. Best of luck in your thrilling padel journey!

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