Kombat Hunter MKIII 2024

The Kombat Hunter MKIII 2024 padel racket is ideal for players seeking a balanced game.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




360 - 370 gr




Black EVA


3D Rough Carbon


100% Carbon Fiber

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Kombat Hunter MKIII 2024

Padel enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for rackets that can elevate their game, and the Kombat Hunter MKIII 2024 certainly fits the bill. As an avid player, when I got my hands on this model, the premium feel and meticulous design of the racket were apparent from the get-go. Whether you're honing your skills or aiming for that killer smash, this racket has noteworthy features that cater to a wide array of playing styles. Here's my comprehensive take on the Kombat Hunter MKIII 2024.


Shape and Balance

Tear Drop Shape

The Kombat Hunter MKIII 2024 comes in a tear-shaped design, which naturally gravitates towards an exceptional balance between power and control. During play, it provides a delightful feel, with a sweet spot that's forgiving and accessible, enhancing shot accuracy and consistency.

Balanced Feel

The balanced feel of this racket is superb. It strikes a harmonious chord between being agile in defense and forceful in attack, and allows you to transition smoothly between different types of play with minimal adaptation time.

Material and Build

100% Carbon Frame

Boasting a 100% carbon frame, the Kombat Hunter MKIII 2024 promises durability and a solid feel on every shot. When playing, the racket felt sturdy and responsive, allowing for a reliable performance session after session.

Rough 3D Carbon Faces

The faces of the racket are crafted with rough 3D carbon, which adds a considerable amount of spin to the ball upon contact. This texture gives you an edge, especially when attempting more advanced shots that require that extra bite.

Black EVA Core

With its Black EVA core, the racket delivers a medium feel that swings towards neither too hard nor too soft. It's a fine choice for players who appreciate a good balance in ball output speed and absorption at impact.



On the power front, the Kombat Hunter MKIII 2024 does not disappoint. Generating power for offensive plays is quite intuitive, thanks to the racket's structure and material composition, making it suitable for aggressive players.


Despite its power capabilities, the racket doesn't skimp on control. Precision shots and strategic placements are achievable with the level of control it offers, especially during those tight situations where finesse trumps brute strength.


While providing notable power and control, the racket maintains a commendable degree of maneuverability. It reacts well to snap decisions and rapid changes in play, making it an asset in fast-paced matches.


After thoroughly testing the Kombat Hunter MKIII 2024, it's clear that it's designed for players desiring a racket that doesn't compromise on power or control. The combination of its carbon materials, medium feel, and tear shape make it a versatile and competent partner on the court.

Whether you're a player who loves to dominate with powerful smashes or someone who thrives on placing precise shots, this racket can adapt to your style. Its robust build quality also means that it's up to the challenge of enduring those high-intensity exchanges.

All things considered, the Kombat Hunter MKIII 2024 stands as a formidable choice for players looking to strike a fine balance between attacking flair and defensive solidity. If your game philosophy aligns with versatility and resilience, this racket would certainly be a worthy addition to your arsenal.

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