Kombat SWAT 2024

Discover the 2024 Kombat SWAT padel racket for optimal power and control on the court. Designed for serious players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.6




360 - 370 gr




Black EVA


18K Rough Carbon


100% Carbon

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Kombat SWAT 2024

As a seasoned padel player, I've had the opportunity to try out a multitude of rackets over the years. However, not all rackets leave a lasting impression the way the Kombat SWAT 2024 has. This high-performance racket, brought to you by Kombat, is engineered for players who seek to dominate the court with a balance of power and precision. Here's a detailed review of my experience with this compelling piece of equipment.


Shape and Balance

Dynamism on Court

The diamond shape of the Kombat SWAT 2024 is a critical feature that contributes majorly to its dynamic capabilities. It generates a potent combination of force and accuracy that advanced players will appreciate. While some diamond-shaped rackets can be unwieldy, I found this racket maintains a pleasant equilibrium, allowing for rapid adjustments and strategic shots without sacrificing the aggressiveness needed in high-stakes points.


A Seamless Connection

What truly stands out for me is the seamless grip that becomes an extension of the player's hand. As a padel enthusiast, maintaining a firm and comfortable hold on the racket is vital, especially in high-intensity matches where every shot counts. This racket boasts a grip that facilitates a secure and tactile connection with the racket, ensuring confidence in every swing.

Power and Control

Commanding Presence

When it comes to power, the Kombat SWAT 2024 doesn't shy away from making a robust statement. With powerful strikes being one of its strong suits, it's an excellent choice for aggressive players. However, control isn't an afterthought either. The racket delivers commendable precision, and I found myself placing the ball with notable accuracy, showing that it indeed can straddle the fine line between force and finesse.

Comfort and Speed

The Thrill of Swift Play

The medium-soft feel of the Kombat SWAT 2024 blends responsive shock absorption with speed, making it adept for a fast-paced game while still providing comfort during impact. This synthesis of qualities ensures that long volleys and rapid exchanges don’t take a toll on your arm, allowing for sustained performance without compromising rapid gameplay.

Material and Durability

Built to Last

Constructed with a 100% carbon frame and carbon 18K rough surfaces, durability is one of the strongholds of the Kombat SWAT 2024. Its sturdy build not only contributes to the racket's resilience but also to the consistent performance game after game. The use of Black EVA for the core adds another layer of quality and responsiveness, assuring that the racket will stand the test of time and intense play.


Wrapping it up, the Kombat SWAT 2024 strikes an impressive balance between power, control, and playability. It's designed to cater to players who desire a racket that complements an assertive style of play without losing touch with precision or comfort. The high-quality materials and craft invested into this racket make it a dependable ally in the quest for padel supremacy.

Whether you're looking to apply relentless pressure to your opponents or place shots with surgical precision, the Kombat SWAT 2024 is designed to step up your game. As with any padel racket, it's crucial to gauge how its attributes align with your personal playstyle. For those who are inclined towards an attacking game and value a racket that can keep up with high-energy matches, the Kombat SWAT 2024 will not disappoint.

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