Kuikma PR React 2024

Experience precision with Kuikma PR React 2024 Padel Racket. Ideal for intermediate players seeking balanced play.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.3




360 - 7 gr




EVA Soft


3 layers of fiberglass + 1 layer of linen fiber



Kuikma PR React 2024

Having had the opportunity to put the Kuikma PR React 2024 through its paces on the court, I've been able to get a real feel for what this racket has to offer. This is a piece of equipment that promises to support your game and give you a boost whether you're an avid enthusiast or sharpening your competitive edge. Now let's delve into what makes this racket a compelling choice for players who value a potent mix of control and agility.


Shape and Balance

The Kuikma PR React 2024 comes in a tear shape, which is a fine balance between power and control, appealing to a player like me who appreciates versatility in a match. The design lends itself to a medium center of balance, providing a good mix of striking power and maneuverability.

Feel and Handling

Straight off the bat, the racket feels comfortable to wield. It has a medium-soft feel, which translates to a responsive feedback when making contact with the ball, all without being too taxing on the forearm during long volleys.


The sensation upon impact is gentle enough and provides a confidence boost when playing, thanks to the integrated EVA soft core. It helps with both the absorption of the ball and the subsequent release, thereby supporting a varied playing style.


The grip is designed to sit nicely in your hand, offering a secure hold that complements the racket's overall maneuverability. This allows for quick adjustments and enables more precise shot-making under pressure.

Material and Construction

With a frame made from fiberglass and faces boasting three layers of fiberglass with an additional layer of linen fiber, the choice of materials is both practical and innovative. This layering offers a robust, yet flexible structure to the racket, which, in my experience, has led to enhanced durability and playability.


Considering the materials used in its construction, the Kuikma PR React 2024 is built to last. The fiberglass components contribute to a racket that can withstand rigorous use and the occasional accidental clip against the court walls.


On the subject of playability, this racket doesn't disappoint. Though it has a slightly softer feel, it's deceptive in the sense that you can still generate a decent amount of power when needed.


The control is spot-on, particularly thanks to the tear shape which offers a satisfying sweet spot. In my sessions, I felt in command of the ball, able to place shots with precision even when on the defensive.


In terms of agility, the construction allows for swift movements and changes in direction, which is essential during intense rallies. It's a breeze to transition from defensive to offensive play with this racket in hand.


In wrapping up, the Kuikma PR React 2024 has been a pleasure to play with. For players seeking a racket that offers a strategic blend of power, finesse, and endurance, this one should definitely be on your radar. The thoughtful combination of materials and design caters well to an adaptable play style, without forgetting the importance of comfort and durability. It's a racket that will compliment many aspects of your game, providing you with the tools to improve and succeed on the court.

Bear in mind that every player's style is unique, just like their choice of racket should be. The Kuikma PR React 2024 might not cater to those who solely favor raw power or prioritize an extremely soft touch, but for those looking to strike a balance, it's a worthy contender. Not to mention, its innovative material composition might just be the secret ingredient to outlasting and outplaying your opponents. So, if you're someone who loves a good rally and values a racket that's kind to your arm while being tough on your rival, this one might just be your new court companion.

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