Kuikma PR React Soft 2024

Discover in-depth the Kuikma PR React Soft 2024 Padel Racket. Engineered with advanced materials for optimal play.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.6




342 - 7 gr




EVA Soft


3 layers of fiberglass + 1 layer of flax fiber



Kuikma PR React Soft 2024

Whether you're improving your game or just getting the hang of padel, the selection of your racket is a crucial step on your journey to excellence. Having tried various rackets over the years, I can confidently say that each model brings a unique experience on the court. Today, I’m examining the Kuikma PR React Soft 2024 – a racket that promises to offer a comfortable game with a focus on control. Let’s dive into the nuanced elements that make this racket a conversation piece amongst padel enthusiasts.


The Kuikma PR React Soft 2024 is designed to deliver a soft touch with an emphasis on control, catering to a wide spectrum of players and playstyles.

Shape and Balance

The teardrop shape is a defining feature of the Kuikma PR React Soft 2024, offering a commendable balance between power and control. Its structure provides a consistent feel across the court, whether I was lobbing defensively or firing smashes. The balance is exceptional, allowing for swift transitions between offensive and defensive play without compromise.

Frame Construction

The frame, made from fiberglass, offers flexibility and durability. Through match play, I noted this flexibility translated into a more forgiving contact, beneficial especially in longer rallies.

Surfacing Materials

The face of this paddle intrigues with three layers of fiberglass and a final layer of flax fiber, which contributes to the racket's comfortable hitting sensation. The fiber composition yields a medium-soft touch that dampens vibration and enhances playability.

Core Composition

At the core of the Kuikma PR React Soft 2024 lies the EVA Soft material, known for its shock-absorption qualities. It softens the impact of the ball, providing more precision and an easier game, especially when finesse is more suitable than brute force.

Feel and Experience

Medium-soft feel, as experienced with this racket, typically caters to players looking for a blend of control and comfort. For players seeking to place the ball with intention rather than overpower opponents, the Kuikma PR React Soft 2024 is a viable companion.


I found the maneuverability to be impressive, with the racket responding well to quick movements and sudden changes in direction – perfect for net play and quick volleys.

Material and Durability

The choice of materials for the Kuikma PR React Soft 2024 is focused not just on performance, but also on longevity. The fiberglass frame and faces promise resilience against the routine impacts of gameplay. Over time, this robust construction should withstand the wear and tear that comes with regular play.


The Kuikma PR React Soft 2024 stands out as a racket that combines ease of play with reliable control. It caters to those players who prioritize a strategic game over a powerhouse approach. Its construction, from the fiberglass frame to the EVA Soft core, is about delivering a user-friendly experience that doesn’t skimp on quality.

For players aiming to fine-tune their tactical play and improve their control on the ball, the Kuikma PR React Soft 2024 could be the ideal choice. Personal gameplay style is paramount when selecting a racket, and if a softer touch and strategic gameplay resonate with you, this model is worthy of consideration.

Remember, whether you’re seeking to upgrade or choosing your first racket, the Kuikma PR React Soft 2024’s features, notably its soft feel and balanced teardrop shape, could serve both your comfort and competitive edge on the court.

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