Kuikma PR560 Azul Verde

Explore the Kuikma PR560 Azul Verde padel racket, 2022's model with a tear shape and medium feel, optimized for perfect control and maneuverability.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot5.9




340 - 370 gr




Soft EVA


3 layers fiberglass


3 layers fiberglass

Kuikma PR560 Azul Verde

Introducing the Kuikma PR560 Azul Verde, a padel racket that seamlessly combines versatility, control, and precision into a formidable package. This marvel of a racket is an undeniable testament to Kuikma's commitment to providing quality, skill-enhancing equipment for avid padel players.


Shape and Balance

Adorning a classic tear-shape, the Kuikma PR560 Azul Verde captivates with its optimal balance between control and power. This amply proportioned balance infuses in the racket a sense of impartiality, enabling better precision in shots and increasing the chances of executing winning moves.


My hands found immediate comfort in the grip of this Kuikma model. The neat hand-fit this racket delivers was conspicuous throughout the test period, ensuring a comfortable, unwavering control even during intense, competitive matches.

Power and Control

The Kuikma PR560 Azul Verde is incredibly well-versed in both power and control. The brilliant equilibrium between these aspects morphs it into an effective playing tool. It indeed empowers players to escalate the game intensity, whether it be audacious strikes or defensive maneuvers.

Comfort and Speed

Regarding comfort and speed, this padel racket absolutely shines. Its meticulously crafted design synergizes well with an ergonomic grip, leading to prolonged periods of enjoyable gameplay. Moreover, its exceptional balance gives way to hasty yet precise shots, striking an excellent accord between nimbleness and accuracy.

Material and Durability

Frame and Faces

With regards to material and durability, the Kuikma PR560 Azul Verde is made of 3 layers of fiberglass both on the frame and faces. This construct equips the racket with an incredible robustness that resists incessant, intense play and ensures an extended lifespan.


The heart of this racket, the core, is composed of soft EVA material. This low-density polyethylene foam lends a superior elasticity and shock absorption to your hits. It also offers good resistance to wear and tear, keeping your racket in prime condition even after countless games.


To sum up, the Kuikma PR560 Azul Verde is a significant asset for players seeking to boost their overall performance and gameplay. Its perfect blend of power, control, superb grip, and materials of high durability make it a reliable ally in the court.

However, as always, it's paramount to consider if its features resonate with your playing style and needs. While it is notably adept, novices might find it considerably complex to master. But if you're a player keen on enhancing your padel skills and you understand its potential value, then the Kuikma PR560 Azul Verde can indeed be a game-changer to add to your kit.

Your racket plays an integral role in your court performance, so consideration in this regard is crucial. Here's wishing you the best as you continue to explore and enjoy the thrilling world of padel!

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