Siux Furtive Pro 2 2022

Get a detailed review of the Siux Furtive Pro 2 2022 Padel Racket. Quality materials, round shape and soft feel for perfect padel games.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.4




355 - 375 gr








Bitubular Carbon

Siux Furtive Pro 2 2022

Starting our review, we'll be diving deep into the world of padel with one steadfast racket that caught our attention recently - the Siux Furtive Pro 2 2022. This honorable entrant from the Siux brand, revered by many padel enthusiasts, is designed to offer a stunning performance, making each hit distinctively efficient.


Perfect for players who seek the perfect blend of maneuverability and control, coupled with a soft feel, the Siux Furtive Pro 2 2022 represents an excellent choice.

Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Siux Furtive Pro 2 2022 brings about an excellent balance, making it easier to control on the court. The round shape also extends the sweet spot, enabling well-calculated shots, especially for beginners and intermediates who are still trying to perfect their strikes.

Grip and Feel

The soft feel of the Siux Furtive Pro 2 2022 significantly influences playability and comfort. The texture of the racket ensures that the player has a sturdy yet comfortable grip, allowing them to execute those swings with confidence.

Material and Durability

The Siux Furtive Pro 2 2022 stands out in terms of its construction. With the core made from EVA Soft EHR, the racket does an excellent job in absorbing impact, making it more forgiving and responsive. The frame concocted from a bitubular carbon compound, ensures robustness and longevity. The faces, made from fiberglass, further enhance the durability and impact resistance of this fine piece.

Power and Control

Belonging to an advanced category, the Siux Furtive Pro 2 2022 manifests a delightful balance of power and control. Whether you lean towards offensive or defensive play, the balance between power and control makes this racket excellent for adapting to different styles of gameplay.

Comfort and Speed

The soft feel resonates throughout the racket, promoting comfort, improving your overall gameplay. The balance infused by the round shape coupled with the materials used enhances speed, allowing quick responses and well-placed shots on the court.


To conclude, the Siux Furtive Pro 2 2022 is a fantastic option for padel players looking for a perfect blend of power, control, comfort, and speed. While it undoubtedly performs outstandingly for intermediate players, the user-friendly design should not be a deterrent for beginners taking their first steps into the world of padel. However, it is important to align the racket's characteristics with your specific playing style and preference.

Remember, in the world of padel, the right racket can be a real game-changer, so make this investment carefully. Notably, the Siux Furtive Pro 2 2022 presents an enticing combination of balanced attributes that make it a competent contender in this dynamic field.

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