Lok Easy Flow 2024

Enhance your game with the Lok Easy Flow 2024 padel racket - perfect balance of control and versatility.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.2




360 - 375 gr




Custom EVA


Carbon fiber + Fiberglass


Carbon fiber

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Lok Easy Flow 2024

In the dynamic sport of padel, players are always on the lookout for gear that can elevate their game to new heights. As a dedicated enthusiast, I'm pleased to share my insights on the Lok Easy Flow 2024, a round-shaped racket that promises both comfort and precision for an intermediate-level player seeking to finesse their skills on the court.

Technical Analysis

Shape and Balance

With a round shape, the Lok Easy Flow 2024 is a beacon of control. Crafted to distribute weight evenly, this racket provides an exceptional balance that makes handling it feel intuitive, almost as if it's an extension of the player's arm. This level of equilibrium not only aids in accurate shot-making but also helps in seamlessly transitioning from defense to attack.

Materials and Build

The frame of the racket is composed of carbon fiber, known for its durability and stability, while the faces are a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass. This thoughtful combination provides a medium-soft feel that absorbs shock and increases playability. The core is made from Custom EVA, a material that enhances rebound and contributes to the racket's overall performance.

Feel and Comfort

The sensation one experiences with the Easy Flow is both comforting and invigorating. This racket truly shines in the hands-on experience with features like the Confort Wristband technology. It offers an adjustable grip that ensures the wrist finds its sweet spot, minimizing fatigue during long rallies. Moreover, its medium-soft touch enhances maneuverability, allowing for a natural flow in every shot.

Game Performance

Defensive Play

When stationed at the back of the court, the Easy Flow's sweet spot shines, making it forgiving on off-center hits. This attribute, coupled with its superb rebound ability, makes consistent lobs and precise defensive shots much more attainable than with other rackets.

Net Play

Approaching the net, the Easy Flow's structure enables a player to execute lightning-quick volleys and aggressive smashes. Its balance allows for accelerated shots without sacrificing the pinpoint accuracy necessary for surgical drop shots or deceptive plays.

Serve and Return

The racket’s construction aids in serving with both power and precision. On returns, it absorbs the intensity of the incoming ball and provides the composure needed to return serve effectively, setting the tone for the point.


From my perspective, the Lok Easy Flow 2024 stands out with its well-rounded attributes – fostering a smooth transition from defense to offense, its forgiving sweet spot, and a stellar performance at the net. Though it's built to suit an intermediate player's needs, it offers the adaptability to support skill progression.

Ideal for players prioritizing a blend of control and comfort without compromising on the competitive edge, Lok Easy Flow 2024 may not be the most powerful beast on the market, but what it lacks in brute force, it seamlessly makes up for with its graceful courtship of the ball. This racket could indeed be a wise choice for those who value strategy and finesse in their play style.

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