Nox MP10 Luxury 2023

Explore the Nox MP10 Luxury 2023 padel racket: a top-tier choice with medium-soft playability, round shape, and carbon fiber construction.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9




360 - 375 gr






3K Carbon Fiber


100% Carbon

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Nox MP10 Luxury 2023

The Nox MP10 Luxury 2023 is a definite game-changer in the world of Padel rackets. Boasting a blend of adept control, power, and maneuverability, this model stands out, ensuring an excellent performance on the court.


Shape and Balance

The Nox MP10 Luxury 2023 features a round shape, favorably contributing to its superior control and balance. This further aids in promoting stability during swings, significantly increasing shot precision.


The grip on this Nox racket model is remarkably comfortable, probably one of the features I personally found most pleasant during the test. The standard grip size feels snug and provides excellent control, a boon during those lengthy Padel matches.

Power and Control

Power and control are two essential factors on the court, and the Nox MP10 Luxury 2023 truly excels. The medium-soft feel of the racket helps in maintaining a powerful impact without compromising on control, making it a formidable weapon for any Padel player.

Comfort and Speed

In terms of comfort, the Nox MP10 Luxury model is commendable. Its signature design, coupled with ergonomic grip, makes it quite manageable even during extended play. The racket's balance contributes significantly to its quick response, creating an impressive combination of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

One of the standout features of the Nox MP10 Luxury 2023 is its durability, thanks to its 100% Carbon frame and 3K Carbon Fiber faces. The interior core composed of EVA HR3 offers excellent resistance, extending the racket's life even under sustained intense play. However, color options for this particular model might be limited, potentially impacting the aesthetic appeal.


To conclude, the Nox MP10 Luxury 2023 scores high on multiple fronts, offering impressive control, power, and maneuverability. Its comfortable grip, reliable durablity, and swift response make it an attractive choice for avid Padel players.

However, while these qualities are commendable, it's essential to align them with your specific needs. Beginners and players who prefer lighter rackets may need to consider whether they're truly ready to handle this racket's unique design and feel. For those willing to invest in a high-performance racket, the Nox MP10 Luxury 2023 could prove to be an excellent choice. Remember, the right racket can drastically shape your performance on the court, so choose wisely. Drop your shots wisely, enjoy your best swings, and experience the world of Padel with renewed gusto!

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