Vibora Bamboo Liquid Edition 2023

Explore the 2023 edition of the Vibora Bamboo Liquid Padel Racket, an ultimate combination of control and rebound.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




360 - 375 gr




Black Soft EVA


12K Carbon


Carbon Fiber

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Vibora Bamboo Liquid Edition 2023

Impressions are critical in the world of padel, and the Vibora Bamboo Liquid Edition 2023 undeniably makes a compelling statement. A racket designed for a rounded style of play, this model is a product of the Vibora brand's commitment to innovation and excellence. It embodies a perfect blend of durability, power, and control that is quite noticeable on the padel court.


Shape and Balance

A round-shaped padel racket, the Vibora Bamboo Liquid Edition 2023 ensures an excellent distribution of its weight. This translates into better stability and precision during swings, making each strike quite reliable.


Comfort and Control

One of the standout features during my testing was the grip size. A standard fit, it provided an excellent balance of comfort and control, making it a perfect companion for lengthy matches.

Responsiveness and Control

The Vibora Bamboo Liquid Edition 2023 excels in areas of power and control. As someone who values both aspects equally, I found that the balance provided by this racket significantly improved my attacking tactics while also helping in defensive plays.

Comfort and Speed


When it comes to comfort, the Vibora Bamboo Liquid Edition 2023 takes the word seriously. Its design and well-rounded grip make the racket quite comfortable and enjoyable to use for extended periods. Moreover, its swiftly responsive attributes provide an impressive interplay of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

Constructed with a carbon fibre frame and 12K carbon faces, the Vibora Bamboo Liquid Edition 2023 showcases an already proven durability. The Black EVA Soft core further enhances this characteristic while ensuring the racket stands the test of time even in the face of intensive play.


In summary, the Vibora Bamboo Liquid Edition 2023 is a worthy contender for players who are keen on upgrading their equipment. Its unique blend of power, control, and comfort ensures an enjoyable gaming experience. It promises to be a reliable companion on the padel court due to its optimal weight distribution and sturdy construction.

While it's important to consider personal preferences and playing style when choosing a racket, I must say that this racket's excellent performance and unique design certainly appeal to me as a seasoned player. Do bear in mind that your performance on the court can get a significant boost from the right racket, so consider these factors carefully before buying. It's perhaps your time to surprise your competitors with the Vibora Bamboo Liquid Edition 2023!

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