Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2023

Review of the Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2023: Carbon fiber frame, Carbon 12K faces, Black EVA Soft core and tear shape.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




355 - 375 gr




Black EVA Soft


12K Carbon


Carbon Fiber

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Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2023

The Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2023 racket is making waves in the field of padel equipment, with a strong presence in the arena of gameplay and performance. Carefully designed for optimal control and power, this racket emerges as a game-changer in providing a wholesome gaming experience.


Shape and Balance

The Tear shape of the Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2023 makes a significant contribution to its excellent control over the ball. This shape allows for an equal distribution of weight, creating an ideal balance that enhances your shot accuracy, almost guaranteeing an improved performance on the court.


While experimenting with the Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2023, one of the first things that struck me was its ergonomic grip. As a padel player, the grip size plays a critical role in securing a decisive lead. The medium-soft feel of the grip effortlessly combines comfort and control, making it easier to sustain and enjoy longer matches.

Power and Control

Let me emphasize how much power and control this racket offers to the player. Due to the exquisite balance between control and power, the Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2023 forms a mighty ally during your game. Its medium-soft feel adds a noticeable advantage in both offensive and defensive scenarios.

Comfort and Speed

One can't ignore the delightful extent of comfort this racket offers. Its well-rounded design, coupled with the user-friendly grip, makes it a pleasure to play with during longer matches. The Tear shape also lends a swift response, thereby offering a great mix of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

The Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2023 boasts of a superior carbon fibre frame and 12K carbon faces. This makes the racket resistant to routine wear and tear and greatly enhances its longevity, even under intense gameplay. Simultaneously, the Black EVA Soft core of this smartly crafted racket can be a charming surprise for gamers aiming for high durability.


To sum it up, the Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2023 padel racket stands out as an impressive choice for players seeking to skyrocket their gameplay. With its powerful and controlled playability, user-friendly grip, and remarkable durability, it's a trustworthy and enduring partner on the court.

However, as every player is unique, it's also important to weigh its features according to your personal needs and style of play. Regardless, for those aspiring to evolve their padel skills, the Vibora Naya Liquid Edition 2023 is a stellar choice that won't disappoint.

As we always suggest, invest in a racket that suits your gaming style and can elevate your performance in the intriguing world of padel. Enjoy the journey!

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