Vibora Black Mamba Liquid Edition 2023

Explore the new Vibora Black Mamba Liquid Edition 2023. Engineered with Carbono 12K faces and a Medium-Soft feel for unprecedented gameplay.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




355 - 375 gr




Black EVA Soft


Carbon 12K


Carbon Fiber

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Vibora Black Mamba Liquid Edition 2023

The Vibora Black Mamba Liquid Edition 2023 is an absolute standout addition for the year 2023, promising superior performance on the padel court. Specifically designed with high-level club players in mind, this racket offers an excellent balance of power, control, and playability, enriching your gaming experience.


Shape and Balance

The Vibora Black Mamba Liquid Edition 2023 sports a tear shape, designed to offer a medium to high balance. This design allows for an enhanced sweet spot, granting greater shot precision and stability during swings.


One of the things that sets this racket apart during our testing sessions was its grip design. It's a perfect fit that offers an uncompromised level of comfort and control over your shots, even during the most extended matches. This enhances the overall playability of the racket.

Power and Control

The Black Mamba Liquid Edition 2023 shines in terms of power and control. The balance between the two is nothing less than spectacular, making the racket a formidable addition to your padel arsenal. It helps top-level club players to further amplify their game by giving them an edge in both offensive and defensive moves.

Durability and Design

Equipped with a Carbon 12K face and a carbon fiber frame, the Vibora Black Mamba Liquid Edition 2023 proves to be not just sturdy but also visually stunning. The Black EVA Soft core further ensures resistance to wear and tear, guaranteeing the racket's longevity even with regular, intense play.

Comfort and Speed

When it comes to comfort and speed, the Vibora Black Mamba Liquid Edition 2023 is a stellar performer. Its well-conceived design, coupled with a comfortable grip, makes it a pleasure to use during lengthy matches. The racket's balance also facilitates a quick response, providing a superb combination of speed and accuracy.


As we summarize our review, the Vibora Black Mamba Liquid Edition 2023 emerges as a remarkable choice for club players aiming to boost their game. Its impressive balance between power and control, coupled with a snug grip and exceptional durability, renders it a reliable companion on the padel court.

However, all things considered, it’s essential to ensure that the racket’s features align with your specific requirements. Its advanced design might be a bit challenging for beginners to handle. Despite this, for those looking to enhance their skills in padel, the Vibora Black Mamba Liquid Edition 2023 is a superb investment that promises impressive returns.

Remember, choosing the right racket can significantly influence your performance on the court, so carefully deliberate on these factors before making your decision. Good luck in your exciting padel journey!

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