Nox Tempo World Padel Tour 2022

Explore the Nox Tempo World Padel Tour 2022 padel racket. Tear-shape, 100% carbon frame, medium-soft feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.9




360 - 375 gr




Multilayered Black EVA


12K Carbon Fiber


100% Carbon


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Nox Tempo World Padel Tour 2022

Introducing the Nox Tempo World Padel Tour 2022, an excellent racket that offers a fine blend of control, power, and versatility, all wrapped in a sleek, modern design straight from the renowned Nox brand. This is a racket designed to take your padel game up a notch without sacrificing any crucial play elements.


Shape and Balance

With the Nox Tempo WPT 2022, you'll find a tear-shaped racket that quite naturally lends itself to a well-distributed balance. This shape is integral to the racket's performance, translating into a perfect blend of both control and power. The tear-shaped design also enhances the maneuverability of the racket, thereby providing a swift and accurate reaction to shots from different corners of the court.


Comfort is a must when playing padel, and the Nox Tempo WPT 2022 does not disappoint in this department. This model grants players a well-fitted grip that promotes both relaxed and firm handling. Whether you're into long rallies or quick exchanges, this racket is comfortable to handle for extended periods of play.

Power and Control

The Nox Tempo WPT 2022 brilliantly achieves a balance between power and control. Whether your game leans more towards precise shots or hefty smashes, this racket will make for a loyal aid. The ease with which this racket transitions from defending soft lobs to attacking with power is truly a testament to its balanced design.

Comfort and Speed

Speed is paramount in padel, and the Nox Tempo WPT 2022 caters for swift players with its superb maneuverability. This racket provides a quick response, allowing for rapid volleys and fast-paced defense. When it comes to comfort, the user-friendly grip and medium-soft feel make it a pleasure to play with, even for an extended period of time.

Material and Durability

The Nox Tempo WPT 2022 is a beacon of durability thanks to its high-quality build materials. The frame is made of 100% Carbon, providing a robust and resilient structure. The faces are constructed with Carbon Fibre 12K, lending the racket an added layer of stability and longevity. Plus, with a core made from Multilayered Black EVA, you can rest assured you're getting a racket that's built to withstand rigorous play and last for seasons to come.


To sum up, the Nox Tempo World Padel Tour 2022 is a versatile and performance-oriented racket that is likely to enhance your gameplay. If you're in search of a racket that marries power, control, comfort, and longevity, then this model is a recommended choice.

However, it's always vital to match a racket to your particular playing style and skill level. Carefully consider these factors to ensure that you’re choosing a racket that will truly complement your game. With the right choice, your journey in the exciting world of padel will be an invigorating adventure.

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