Oxdog Hyper Tour 2.0 2024

Explore the Oxdog Hyper Tour 2.0 2024 Padel Racket, tailored for players seeking a versatile game with medium balance.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9




360 gr




EVA Medium


HES Carbon


Carbon fiber

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Oxdog Hyper Tour 2.0 2024

In the dynamic sport of padel, players constantly seek out equipment that strikes the right harmony between power and control. The Oxdog Hyper Tour 2.0 2024 emerges as a prime candidate for those aiming to perfect their game with a balanced approach. Harnessing a range of innovative features, this racket deserves a thorough analysis for its potential to enhance on-court performance.

Technical Analysis

Shape and Balance

Sporting a tear-shaped design, the Oxdog Hyper Tour 2.0 leans towards a medium feel, which is conducive to players who desire a well-rounded game. The inherent geometry of the racket ensures a gratifying blend of power and precision, allowing for sweet spots that seem to extend the boundaries of play.

Frame and Surface Materials

The carbon fiber frame and HES Carbon faces suggest a substantial build quality. This combination is known for its durability and responsiveness, translating to better shot delivery and extended racket longevity. The EVA Medium core further contributes to a comfortable impact feel, which is essential in mitigating the strain of repetitive shots.


Oxdog doesn't skimp on tech to amplify the playing experience. Double Size Holes (DSH) boost playability, especially outside the central zone, which could be a lifesaver during off-center hits. PowerRibs present on the frame mitigate vibrations—a boon for maintaining a steady hand during heated exchanges. Moreover, Vibradamp technology, with its silicone inserts beneath the grip, plays a crucial role in vibration reduction, ensuring not just comfort but also potential injury prevention from continual play. Lastly, the Racket Balance System (RBS) introduces an element of customization, allowing players to fine-tune the balance to their individual style.


The Oxdog Hyper Tour 2.0 carries its advancements into ease of movement around the court. While players may find the racket requires a period of adjustment for optimal handling, once acclimatized, the racket's design facilitates swift transitions between strokes and enables a dynamic playing style.

In-Game Experience

Defensive Play (Backcourt)

From the back of the court, the medium touch of the racket might demand a tad more in terms of defensive maneuvering. However, the reward lies in the sweet spot's generous zone, which makes delivering well-placed shots less of a chore and more of a strategic endeavor.

Net Play

Advancing to the net, the racket's properties encourage a proactive style. Speedy exchanges benefit from the design, and the exceptional sweet spot ensures precision when slicing through trays and performing snake shots (víboras). The teardrop shape and balanced frame come in handy as volleys assume more power and precision.

Overhead Shots

The Oxdog Hyper Tour 2.0 shines when launching overhead shots. It lends itself to smooth, effortless smash plays, enabling even those with less refined techniques to send the ball soaring over the adversaries with relative ease.


The Oxdog Hyper Tour 2.0 positions itself as a formidable ally for the 2024 padel scene. Its versatility in defensive-offensive transitions, the expansive sweet spot, and reliable net behavior make it a contender for players looking to inject a mix of power and finesse into their game. While it may require some acclimatization to harness the full potential of this racket, the benefits speak for themselves. Engaging with the Oxdog Hyper Tour 2.0 might very well be a game-changer for enthusiasts looking to step up their padel prowess.

The racket isn't just about raw power or sheer control; it's about equipping players with a tool that adapts to various facets of the game. With the Oxdog Hyper Tour 2.0, the quest for that perfect shot gets a little easier, and the sport of padel becomes even more rousing.

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