Oxdog Ultimate Match 2024

Discover precision & power with the Oxdog Ultimate Match 2024 padel racket. Elevate your game today!

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.7




360 gr




Soft EVA


HES Carbon


Carbon fiber

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Oxdog Ultimate Match 2024

In the ever-competitive market of padel rackets, the Oxdog Ultimate Match 2024 emerges as an intriguing option for players who crave a blend of innovation and performance. This racket, heralding from a reputable brand known for pushing the boundaries of racket design, promises to be a worthy companion on the court for intermediate to advanced players.

Technical Analysis

Shape and Balance

The diamond shape of the Oxdog Ultimate Match 2024 is a clear indicator of its power-oriented design, with a balance that leans towards the head to aid in powerful shots. However, it balances this power with a medium-soft feel that can cushion the ball, fostering a sense of control even during intense exchanges.

Materials and Technologies

Crafted with a carbon fiber frame and HES Carbon faces, the racket boasts exceptional durability and a reactive hitting surface. The soft EVA core adds comfort and a gentle feel upon contact, which is particularly beneficial for players who experience arm discomfort with firmer rackets. Advanced technologies such as Double Size Holes (DSH) for improved playability, SilentSpeed to minimize noise, and PowerRibs for vibration reduction and equilibrium, reveal Oxdog's dedication to performance and player experience.

Feel and Maneuverability

Though designed with power in mind, the racket also offers a medium-soft feel that can improve touch and precision. Maneuverability, while slightly less pronounced compared to lighter or more evenly balanced rackets, is compensated with technology like the Racket Balance System (RBS) that allows for custom weight distribution, catering to personal preferences.

Gameplay Impressions

Defensive Play

From the back of the court, the racket provides a reassuring connection with the ball, particularly due to the generous sweet spot. The strategically designed hole pattern aids off-center hits, retaining control without sacrificing much power, which can prove valuable during defensive plays and lobs.

Net Play

Moving towards the net, the head-heavy balance aids in accelerating the ball, which can be beneficial during fast volleys and smashes. The diamond shape naturally complements an aggressive playing style, unleashing power without overwhelming the wielder, as long as the gesture is adequately extended for depth.

Finishing Shots

For overhead shots and finishing plays, the racket shines. It doesn't require impeccable technique to execute effective smashes, and the diamond shape naturally assists in generating the necessary angles for putting the ball away.


The Oxdog Ultimate Match 2024 is a well-crafted piece of equipment that should be on the radar for players looking to elevate their aggressive play without neglecting comfort and joint health. While improvisation and adjustment might be necessary for handling potent opponent shots and controlling finesse plays, this racket stands out as a powerful yet nuanced tool in the padel arena. With the integration of thoughtful technologies and materials, Oxdog continues to affirm its position as a brand that caters to the multifaceted needs of padel enthusiasts.

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