Lok Easy Hype 2024

Elevate your padel skills with Lok Easy Hype 2024, a medium-soft, carbon blend racket designed for intermediate play.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.1




360 - 375 gr




Custom EVA


Carbon Fiber + Fiberglass


Carbon Fiber

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Lok Easy Hype 2024

Introducing the Lok Easy Hype 2024, a padel racket that seems to step up to meet the expectations of intermediate players looking to enhance their game. It brings together a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass construction, topped off with a soft but resilient Custom EVA core. This racket signifies a balance of durability and performance, seasoned with a medium-soft touch for a competitive edge on the court.

Technical Analysis

Shape and Balance

The diamond-shaped design of this racket accentuates a player's power delivery. The strategic shape aids in generating swifter shots and lends itself well to aggressive, attacking players who thrive as they drive the ball across the court with confidence.

Materials and Construction

Constructed with a carbon fiber frame and complemented by fiberglass on the faces, the Lok Easy Hype integrates strength with a touch of flexibility. The presence of Custom EVA for the core enhances the overall feel of the racket, making each strike both steady and comfortable.

Feel and Comfort

The immediate sensation one gets is the medium-soft feel which can be attributed to the mixed materials in its construction. This provides a cushioned and engaging ball strike, perfect for those long rallies where precision and endurance go hand-in-hand.

In-Game Experience

From the Back of the Court

When initiating plays from the back, the composite materials furnish a standout touch that allows for nuanced control and a forgiving bounce-off, often termed as rebound in the padel world. This proves essential when crafting a gameplay strategy that relies on both defensive and offensive maneuvers.

At the Net

This is where the racket truly shines. Its diamond shape puts the balance a bit more towards the top, ensuring that overhead shots are infused with enough power to overwhelm opponents. The high-quality construction also provides an apt response for volleys and aggressive shots such as the 'bandeja' and 'vibora'.

During Smashes

For those decisive smashes, the Lok Easy Hype reveals its potent side. One does not have to be a professional to appreciate the racket's propensity to capitalize on opportunities to finish off points. The technology integrated into its core and face materials yields a responsive yet controlled impact, making it easier to send the ball sailing past adversaries.


The Lok Easy Hype 2024 comes across as a solid choice for intermediate players who are cultivating a game that stands out both in power shots and strategic plays. The racket’s construction promises a steadfast companion that would endure long matches while sustaining its performance attributes. While it boasts impressive power, it also allows for precision, which is paramount when matching up against competitors who can maneuver likewise.

This racket could be the ace for those looking to dominate the court with a harmonious combination of force and finesse. It represents a careful composition of power-optimizing features without compromising the personal touch that is critical in each game. It's not just a tool; it's a partner in climbing the ranks of padel mastery.

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