Babolat Technical Vertuo Juan Lebron 2024

Explore the cutting-edge Babolat Technical Vertuo Juan Lebron 2024 racket designed for technical power play and precision.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




345 - 365 gr








Carbon fiber


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Babolat Technical Vertuo Juan Lebron 2024

Stepping onto the padel court with the Babolat Technical Vertuo Juan Lebron 2024 racket was an experience that effortlessly blended technical prowess and playability. As I navigated through the games, this racket consistently delivered a level of performance that speaks to players who favor a tactical and attacking style of play, without compromising on the finesse required to outmaneuver opponents.


Shape and Balance

The diamond shape of the Babolat Technical Vertuo Juan Lebron 2024 emphasizes its attacking orientation. The balance is tipped towards the head, which naturally aids in lending extra power to your smashes and volleys. Throughout my playing session, I found this racket to offer a satisfying blend of momentum and control, enabling precision even during high-intensity moments on the court.

Feel and Comfort

In terms of feel, the Babolat Technical Vertuo stands out with its medium-soft sensation upon ball contact. This is largely thanks to the EVA core, which provides a comfortable response, absorbing impact while still offering excellent ball rebound. The combination of carbon fiber in the frame and fiberglass on the faces ensures a resilient structure that's gentle on the arm, enhancing playability without causing undue strain.

Maneuverability and Sweet Spot

With its diamond shape leaning on power, maneuverability is often a concern, but the Technical Vertuo handles it with grace. It doesn't feel unwieldy at the net, allowing for quick adaptations to swift volleys. The sweet spot is quite generous too; I was able to hit effective shots even when contact wasn't dead center, a feature that players looking to refine their skills will appreciate.

Materials and Durability

Durability is key for any high-level racket, and the Babolat Technical Vertuo doesn't skimp on this aspect. The carbon fiber frame offers a sturdy foundation, while the fiberglass faces bring a blend of flexibility and durability. Together, these materials form a racket that feels robust in hand, ready to withstand the rigors of regular, aggressive play.


The Babolat Technical Vertuo Juan Lebron 2024 racket is a powerhouse for players aiming to dominate the court with a mix of powerful strikes and strategic gameplay. While its diamond shape may suggest a learning curve for novices, its balanced design assures that technical players will find it a reliable ally.

Whether changing directions swiftly to execute a defensive play or powering through with a forehand smash, this racket responds with vigor and composure. Drill after drill, match after match – it stands up as a testament to Babolat's commitment to combining top-tier materials with performance-driven design.

Embrace the Babolat Technical Vertuo Juan Lebron 2024 and experience a racket that complements the strategic attacker's arsenal. Its thoughtful integration of power, control, and comfort is engineered to elevate your game and keep you in command from the baseline to the net.

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