Oxdog Sense Match 2023

Explore the 2023 model of Oxdog Sense Match in Round shape with a soft feel, made from Carbon and Glass fiber. Perfect for intermediate level players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.2




365 gr




EVA Soft


Carbon Fiber + Glass


Carbon Fiber + Glass

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Oxdog Sense Match 2023

Looking for a top-notch padel racket? Allow me to introduce you to the Oxdog Sense Match 2023 - a high-performance racket from esteemed brand Oxdog. Designed with precision, power, and versatility in mind, this racket is sure to enhance your gaming experience. Let's delve deeper into its assorted features.


Shape and Balance

Honing a round shape, the Oxdog Sense Match 2023 is strategically crafted to maximize the sweet spot and strike that ideal balance between power and control. It offers even distribution across the racket which translates to a steady and controlled swing.


One thing I really appreciate about this racket is the feel of it. It's soft to hold and provides a comfortable grip, enhancing your control during prolonged games and making every hit feel natural.

Power and Control

The Oxdog Sense Match 2023 shines when it comes to both power and control. For players like myself who value both aggressive shots and precise placements, this racket truly offers the best of both worlds.


It’s particularly well-reputed for its rebound capabilities. Players looking to steal the show with aggressive shots will find this racket a faithful ally.


Equipped with excellent maneuverability, the Oxdog Sense Match 2023 offers exceptional precision and control. Its round shape fosters easier handling, allowing you to place shots with finesse.

Comfort and Speed

Comfort is an arena where the Oxdog Sense Match 2023 truly excels. Its soft grip coupled with the overall design maximizes comfort during extensive periods of play. Additionally, the racket’s balanced sweet spot enhances its response speed, making it a potent combination of swift action and precision.

Material and durability

One can't ignore the exceptional material combination of the Oxdog Sense Match 2023. It sports a Carbon Fiber and Glass fiber frame and faces, topped with an EVA Soft core. This amalgamation makes it robust, durable, and resilient against wear and tear.


To wrap up, the Oxdog Sense Match 2023 serves as a reliable tool for padel players. Its careful design and material composition offer a balanced blend of power, control, and durability. However, keep in mind that the right racket is subjective to your specific needs and style of play. If you value power and precision equally and prefer a comfortable yet robust design, the Oxdog Sense Match 2023 could definitely be your padel partner. Ultimately, decisions should be tailored to you, so consider all factors before finalizing a choice. Good luck with your padel journey, may you find the perfect match!

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