Oxdog Sense Pro 2023

Discover the Oxdog Sense Pro 2023 padel racket, framed in carbon fiber and suited for medium-hard feel players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.6




365 gr




EVA Medium +


HES Carbon


Carbon Fiber

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Oxdog Sense Pro 2023

Diving into the world of padel rackets, the Oxdog Sense Pro 2023 is a beast of its own. It showcases a harmonious blend of materials and technology, all wrapped up in an aesthetically pleasing package that screams top-tier performance and style. This appealing racket has a lot to offer to both intermediate and advanced players.


Shape and Balance

Boasting a round shape, the Oxdog Sense Pro 2023 does more than just impressing visually. This shape is well-known for facilitating unmatched control and a large sweet spot, making it very forgiving during off-center hits. This helps to enhance precision in your game.

Grip and Feel

Every swipe with the Oxdog Sense Pro 2023 felt like a delight. With a Medium-Hard feel, the racket delivers a well-balanced mix of comfort and stability. The design complements the hand well, allowing you to sustain longer matches without compromising on your technique.

Power, Control, and Maneuverability

The power and control dynamics are where this racket truly shines. Equipped with HES Carbon on its faces, the Oxdog Sense Pro 2023 offers a good serve of power without hindering your control. It doesn't stop there though; its maneuverability is also quite formidable, offering flexibility and speed in your swings. Rest assured, this racket can keep up with fast-paced games.

Materials and Durability

Frame and Faces

Elegantly wrapped in a Carbon Fiber frame, the Oxdog Sense Pro 2023 is one tough racket. The durable frame design, combined with the HES Carbon faces, renders it almost invincible to wear and tear. This ensures you'll be enjoying your matches with this racket for a long time.


In the heart of the Oxdog Sense Pro 2023 lies an EVA Medium+ core, contributing to the racket's excellent rebound properties. This feature not only helps in absorbing the shock of incoming balls but also aids in shooting them back with just the right amount of force.


All in all, the Oxdog Sense Pro 2023 is a formidable contender in the world of padel rackets. It is designed to impress, with its top-notch materials and superior qualities of power, control, and maneuverability.

But as always, it's essential to bear in mind your personal needs and preferences. Assess factors such as its medium-hard feel and round shape carefully, ensuring it complements your playing style and skills.

With the right racket in your hand, there's no telling how high you can score in the exciting field of padel!

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