Oxdog Sense Tour 2024

Expert review of the Oxdog Sense Tour 2024 padel racket, ideal for control and maneuverability on-court.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.4




365 gr




EVA Medium


HES Carbon


Carbon Fiber

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Oxdog Sense Tour 2024

In the dynamic sphere of padel, the discerning player often gravitates towards a racket that promises both control and the agility to command the court with finesse. Enter the Oxdog Sense Tour 2024, a racket that seemingly harmonizes these attributes, providing a tool finely tuned for the strategic player who thrives on orchestrating the game from the back of the court.

Technical Analysis

Shape and Balance

With a round shape, the Oxdog Sense Tour 2024 is inherently designed for control, making it a dependable partner for crafting measured shots. Its medium balance adds a sense of equilibrium to each swing, which bolsters confidence in both defensive and offensive play.

Materials and Feel

Constructed with a carbon fiber frame and HES Carbon faces, the racket exhibits a reinforced durability while maintaining a responsive touch. The EVA Medium core is a testament to the racket's commitment to providing a medium feel, straddling the line between soft comfort and the crisp feedback that competitive players covet.


Oxdog's signature technologies imbue this racket with additional allure. The DSH (Double Size Holes) enhance playability off the sweet spot, while the SilentSpeed feature ensures a subdued sound upon impact. The PowerRibs and Vibradamp work in tandem to reduce vibration and enhance balance, making for a smoother experience on the court. Additionally, the Racket Balance System (RBS) allows for customized balance adjustments, ensuring a tailor-fit to personal playing preferences.

Playing Feel

Defense and Control

From the baseline, the Oxdog Sense Tour 2024 shines with its well-defined sweet spot, providing secure ball control and an ability to retrieve seemingly lost points. The round shape and strategic hole pattern contribute to this notable command over the ball.

Attack and Power

Despite its disposition towards control, this racket doesn't shy away from delivering adequate power when called upon. The carbon materials lend themselves to a reliable conversion of player energy into shot velocity, a quality appreciated during high-tension exchanges.

Net Play

Moving up to the net, the racket's sweet spot becomes an incredible ally in executing precise volleys and skillful tray shots. The balance and materials harmonize to assist in executing quick shots, adding both pace and precision.

Serve and Overhead Shots

Serving and overhead play are carried out with confidence as the Oxdog Sense Tour 2024 provides a level of predictability and control that's invaluable in these high-stakes moments of the game.


Embodying a thoughtful blend of control, maneuverability, and subdued power, the Oxdog Sense Tour 2024 seems poised to become a stalwart choice for players who favor a strategic approach to the game. While it offers a range of advanced technologies and a sturdy construction, some may find it lacks the raw power of more aggressive rackets. Nonetheless, with its ample sweet spot and vibration dampening qualities, this racket marks its territory as an astute choice for players focused on dominating the game with precision and poise.

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