Oxdog Hyper Match 2.0 2024

Experience precision play with the Oxdog Hyper Match 2.0 2024 padel racket, tailored for optimal control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9




375 gr




Soft EVA


HES Carbon


Carbon Fiber

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Oxdog Hyper Match 2.0 2024

The Oxdog Hyper Match 2.0 2024 padel racquet from the esteemed brand Oxdog emerges as an intriguing option for players aiming to refine their game with an instrument that beautifully harmonizes power and control. Embracing cutting-edge design and a suite of innovative technologies, this teardrop-shaped racket stands out for its medium-soft feel, promising a heightened playing experience for padel enthusiasts.

Technical Analysis

Shape and Balance

The teardrop shape of the Oxdog Hyper Match 2.0 2024 is a key element contributing to its excellent control. The strategic distribution of mass delivers a comfortable balance, which, when coupled with its medium-soft feel, ensures consistency in shots, even during high-pressure points.


The double-layered grip of this racquet is a standout feature, offering impressive hold and excellent sweat absorption. Furthermore, the Vibradamp technology, with its silicone inserts, remarkably diminishes vibrations, which often translates into more precise shots and a significant reduction of arm strain over intense matches.


Boasting a carbon fiber frame and HES Carbon faces, the Oxdog Hyper Match 2.0 2024 assures durability and a reactive touch. The soft EVA core amplifies the overall sensation of hitting with the racket, ensuring that each stroke feels solid yet forgiving.

Comfort and Technology

In terms of comfort, this racket surpasses expectations. It feels great in hand, and with technologies like PowerRibs to cut down on vibrations and the DSH (Double Size Holes) for a larger sweet spot, it's easy to see the meticulous thought put into its design.

On-Court Feel

From the Back of the Court

At the baseline, the teardrop shape provides a substantial sweet spot, courtesy of the DSH technology. These design considerations result in a racket that's forgiving off-center and adds confidence to shots when stretched on defense or fighting to control a point.

At the Net

With its PowerRibs technology and embedded weight system, the Oxdog Hyper Match 2.0 facilitates swift reactions and aggressive play at the net. Tray shots and chiquitas feel crisp and well-controlled, allowing for dynamic and strategic net play.

On the Smash

The racket's teardrop shape and carbon composition bolster its ability to unleash powerful smashes without requiring advanced techniques. Its design suits a player looking to dominate play with overhead shots, ensuring those impressive match-winning strikes are within reach.


The Oxdog Hyper Match 2.0 2024 speaks volumes of its potential to stand out in the season. Its thoughtful integration of control, comfort, and a hint of power make it a versatile choice for players who transition frequently between defensive and attacking plays. It is especially praiseworthy for its performance near the net and its considerable sweet spot. While no racket is perfect for everyone, the features of this model suggest that it caters well to those who prioritize a blend of playability, feel, and strategic advantage on the court. In a sport where precision and adaptability are paramount, the Oxdog Hyper Match 2.0 2024 padel racket certainly rises to the occasion.

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