Star Vie Aquila 2024

Discover the Star Vie Aquila 2024 padel racket for intermediate players seeking a blend of power and control on the court.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




350 - 385 gr




Soft EVA 30


3K Carbon


100% Carbon


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Updated on 13 Jul (shipping cost not calculated)

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Star Vie Aquila 2024

When I took to the court with the Star Vie Aquila 2024, I instantly understood why it's often a top choice for many avid players. This racket manages to strike an elusive balance between control and power, making it a versatile option suitable for a variety of playing styles. Let me delve into what makes the Aquila 2024 stand out.


Shape and Balance

The tear shape of the Star Vie Aquila 2024 contributes immensely to its adaptable playstyle. This design nods towards an aggressive game while not compromising on the defensive aspects, thanks to its well-distributed medium balance. It's a shape that rewards players who have a well-rounded approach to padel.


What caught my attention was the medium feel of the racket, providing a satisfying blend of responsiveness and comfort. This made my shots feel both intuitive and impactful without losing the gentle touch required for strategic plays.

Grip and Comfort

I appreciate the attention to detail Star Vie has put into the grip of the Aquila 2024. The Anatomic Bridge Design and the application of the Noene technology in the handle keep vibrations to a minimum and close to unnoticeable, reducing the risk of fatigue or injury, which makes a difference during a strenuous match.

Power and Control

One thing is for sure, the Star Vie Aquila 2024 excels in offering plenty of control without sacrificing power. The 3K Carbon Fiber on the faces and frame provides a robust structure, enhancing the energy transfer on offensive shots. Simultaneously, the EVA Soft 30 core lends a forgiving touch that brings precision to gameplay.

Sweet Spot

The racket boasts an impressively large sweet spot. Regardless of whether I was returning serves or executing smashes, I felt confident. Finding that spot seemed almost effortless, which is a testament to the racket's thoughtful engineering.

Material and Durabiity

In terms of materials, the full 100% Carbon Fiber construction not only imbues the racket with striking power but also with exceptional long-lasting durability. Whether it's the frame or the faces, you can expect this racket to withstand a good deal of wear and tear.


Let's talk about the tech. The Reinforcement Torsion System, positioned at the racket's core, works wonders to dampen vibrations, which not only enhances comfort but also provides a more stable feel during fast-paced exchanges. Furthermore, the Power Balance technology optimizes the racket's weight distribution, adding a noticeable oomph to shots without undermining control.


In wrapping up, the Star Vie Aquila 2024 is, without doubt, a formidable choice for players seeking a racket that harmonizes the dichotomy of power and control. It's evident that Star Vie has carefully refined the design, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to cater to players' evolving needs. The stellar grip, robust materials, and thoughtful balance make it a reliable and dynamic companion on the court.

Whether you're advancing to the net or holding your ground on the baseline, the Star Vie Aquila 2024's versatility has the potential to elevate your game. The key is to harness and adapt its attributes to your play style. If you're ready to experience the merger of power, precision, and comfort, this racket could be your game-changer. Remember, the right racket feels like an extension of your will on the court, and the Star Vie Aquila 2024 could very well be that critical piece in your padel arsenal.

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