Oxdog Ultimate Court 2023

Explore the Oxdog Ultimate Court 2023 padel racket. Built with Fibra de Carbono + Vidrio frame and an EVA medium core for a medium-soft feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.5




365 gr




EVA Medium


Carbon Fiber + Glass


Carbon Fiber + Glass

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Oxdog Ultimate Court 2023

Let's dive into the world of padel with the Oxdog Ultimate Court 2023, a racket that is not only visually attractive but also filled with features that reflect thoughtful design and excellent craftsmanship by Oxdog. Perfectly suitable for players who thrive on a diamond-shaped racket, this model provides a great mix of power and control aided with medium-soft feel, making your game sessions more effective and enjoyable.


Shape and Balance

The diamond shape of the Oxdog Ultimate Court 2023 contributes significantly to its performance on the court. This form specifically supports the combination of power, control, and maneuverability that this racket promises, creating a more rewarding experience during hit exchanges.

Overall Performance

The medium-soft feel of the Oxdog Ultimate Court 2023 lends versatility to the racket. Whether you're going for power shots or aiming for precision, this racket provides a balanced, stable response, promising significant improvement in overall game performance.

Grip and Comfort

Always underrated yet extremely crucial for any player – the grip. With the Oxdog Ultimate Court 2023, the grip stands out with comfort and control, making long-drawn play sessions less strenuous and more enjoyable. Whether you are a casual player or you mean serious business on the court, this racket doesn't compromise on providing an ergonomic, comfortable grip.

Power and Control

Power and control tend to be a paradoxical combination. But not for the Oxdog Ultimate Court 2023. This racket promises an equilibrium between power and control, becoming a versatile weapon in the hands of the player, whether it's smashes or defensive retrievals.

Rebound and Sweet Spot

Scoring high on rebound, this racket delivers an extra edge during intense rallies. Additionally, the fairly substantial sweet spot ensures good ball response even off-centre, adding a layer of forgiveness for any unexpected shots.

Material and Durability

Oxdog Ultimate Court 2023 is constructed with premium materials. The frame and faces made of carbon and glass fibre ensure high durability and resistance to wear and tear. The EVA medium core adds resilience, enhancing both performance and lifespan of the racket.

Frame and Faces

Carbon and glass fibre materials offer a solid construction, enhancing the racket's sturdiness. These materials not only boost the racket's endurance against the high impacts of padel gameplay but also maximise power output and control during strokes.


The EVA medium core holds its own charm. It contributes to the racket's overall performance by offering good shock absorption, thereby maximising comfort during play while maintaining the power and control balance.


Wrapping up, the Oxdog Ultimate Court 2023 padel racket firmly establishes itself as a reliable choice for those looking to step up their game. The blend of power and control, comfort of grip, the resiliency and responsive nature of the materials all converge to elevate this model as a solid performer on the court.

However, always ensure the racket aligns well with your personal needs and style, since every aspect shape the overall performance. So, choose wisely and best of luck in your exciting padel journey with Oxdog Ultimate Court 2023!

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