Siux Android

Expert review on Siux Android paddle racket, crafted with fiberglass frame and faces, with medium-soft feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.1




355 - 375 gr




Medium EVA





Siux Android

In the ever-evolving world of padel, finding the right racket that enhances your unique style of play is paramount. This review takes a closer look at the Siux Android racket, renowned for its medium-soft feel, fiberglass construction, and tear shape. An impressive offering from the Siux brand, this racket promises to bring a new facet to your gameplay, whether you're an amateur or experienced player.


Shape and Balance

The Siux Android comes in an appealing tear shape that contributes immensely to its balanced playability. This design allows for an even distribution of weight, ensuring stability during play and greatly enhancing shot precision.

Power and Control

The Siux Android strikes an excellent equilibrium between power and control. Its structure and balance offer admirable on-court performance, allowing players to better manage both offensive and defensive plays.

Rebound and Sweet Spot

We found the racket's rebound capabilities to be quite exceptional. With the Siux Android, every hit has the potential to turn into an effective shot. Additionally, the sweet spot of this racket is well-centered, which will enable players to return shots with a decent amount of power, even if they don't hit the ball perfectly every time.

Grip and Maneuverability

This racket's grip size is standard, allowing for a comfortable feel and effortless control during enduring match sets. Additionally, the maneuverability of the Siux Android is notable, allowing players to swiftly respond to incoming shots while maintaining court control.

Material and Durability

Durability is an essential factor for any racket, and the Siux Android delivers in this area. Constructed with a fiberglass frame and faces, this racket guarantees high resistance to wear and tear. Its medium EVA core adds to the durability while ensuring a comfortable, soft feel during play.


The Siux Android racket is a fine balance of power, control, rebound prowess, and durability. Its fiberglass construction, tear shape, and medium-soft feel come together to make it a worthwhile investment for any padel player, regardless of their game style or skill level.

Bear in mind, though, choosing a racket should ultimately depend on your individual preference and play style. Therefore, we recommend trying out the Siux Android for yourself to see if it aligns with your playstyle and matches your on-court expectations. Here's to your success in the riveting world of padel!

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