Adidas RX 2000 Light 2023

Review of the lightweight Adidas RX 2000 Light 2023 with Fibra de Vidrio frame and EVA Soft Performance core

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.1




345 - 360 gr




EVA Soft Performance






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Adidas RX 2000 Light 2023

Here's a closer look at the Adidas RX 2000 Light 2023, a padel racket that has earned its place in the hands of players across the globe for the 2023 season. Crafted by Adidas, a brand renowned for its impeccable sports gear, this racket is set to enhance your performance on the court with its fine balance of power and control. Let's delve deeper into the specifics of this popular choice.


Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Adidas RX 2000 Light 2023 contributes significantly to the control and maneuverability this racket provides. Perfectly weight-balanced, this racket maintains a comfortable feel during swings and promotes precision when playing those crucial shots.

Comfort and Handling

What really impresses about the Adidas RX 2000 Light 2023 is the exceptional comfort it forms when holding the racket. A glance at the racket's design reveals an ergonomic grip that provides a secure and comfortable handle. This assists in ensuring an impressive feel during play, be it short games or extended matches.

Materials and Durability

The Adidas RX 2000 Light 2023 boasts a fiberglass frame and faces, providing a lightweight yet robust structure that naturally increases overall durability. The EVA Soft Performance core enhances the medium-soft feel of this racket, allowing for reliable output and resistance.


The Adidas RX 2000 Light 2023 utilizes top-notch EVA Soft Performance core technology to deliver balanced returns. Soft Performance material is known for its medium-soft feel and is often associated with increased power for versatile gameplay.

Power and Control

The Adidas RX 2000 Light 2023 does well in maintaining a healthy balance between power and control. Thanks to its solid construction and advanced core materials, it affords players a significant edge, particularly during defensive plays where good control is imperative.

Sweet Spot and Rebound

An interesting thing to note is the racket's sweet spot, which provides a good rebound upon contact with the ball. This feature is ideal for players who value both control and performance during high-tension matches.


In a nutshell, the Adidas RX 2000 Light 2023 is a formidable choice for players invested in achieving both power and control on the padel court. Its round shape, durable fiberglass structure, and medium-soft swing feel make it a well-balanced powerhouse capable of satisfying varying player demands.

While this racket is a fantastic gear asset, it is always advisable to gauge your personal preferences and playing style before making a purchase. The Adidas RX 2000 Light 2023 could just be the ideal racket for the upcoming season. As always, the correct racket can significantly enhance your overall performance, forming a part of your journey to success in the exciting world of padel!

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