Puma Nova Elite Hybrid 2024

Expert review of the Puma Nova Elite Hybrid 2024 padel racket, ideal for advanced play and precision strikes.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.4




350 - 370 gr






12K Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber

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Puma Nova Elite Hybrid 2024

In the world of padel, having the right racket by your side is an essential component in achieving peak performance. I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Puma Nova Elite Hybrid 2024, a racket that's certainly making waves with its innovative design and high-end performance. Designed for advanced players focusing on power without sacrificing precision, this is a racket that caters to those looking to elevate their game to professional levels. Let me take you through the nuances of this exceptional racket, which stands out for its balance, quality materials, and on-court capabilities.


Shape and Balance

The tear shape of the Puma Nova Elite Hybrid lends itself to a fluid gameplay experience, balancing both control and power effectively. This shape is known for providing a good middle ground that caters to various playing styles, making it a versatile choice for competitive players. Its balanced feel gives a sense of confidence during play, whether you're striking the ball with force or finessing it over the net.


Through my testing, I immediately noticed the medium feel of the racket's which significantly enhances the touch and control over the ball. This gives players an adaptable tool on the court that responds well to your intentions, be it a deliberate, power-driven shot or a more tactical, placement-focused play.

Material and Durability

The frame of the Puma Nova Elite Hybrid is constructed of carbon fiber, known for its strength and lightness, which is vital for both durability and maneuverability. Similarly, the faces also feature 12K carbon fiber, which not only adds to the robustness but also enhances the racket's responsiveness. Inside, the EVA core is key for rebound and energy absorption, contributing to the overall feel of the racket as well as its shot-making potential.

Power and Control

With an emphasis on both power and control, this racket hits the sweet spot for players who are no strangers to competitive play. It offers ample power to dominate the court, but not at the expense of precision, allowing for well-placed shots even during aggressive play. Its design is tailored to support an assertive playstyle while maintaining enough control to manage fast-paced scenarios.

Maneuverability and Sweet Spot

Maneuverability is another area where the Puma Nova Elite Hybrid shines. Even during the quickest of exchanges, the racket feels agile and easy to handle. Additionally, the sweet spot is ample enough to forgive those slightly off-center strikes, ensuring a consistent performance throughout the match.


In conclusion, the Puma Nova Elite Hybrid 2024 is a standout racket that serves to enhance the playing experience for advanced padel enthusiasts. Its cutting-edge materials, balanced design, and optimization for power and precision make it a fierce competitor on the court. Whether you're serving, volleying, or smashing, this racket responds with authority and finesse.

The harmonious integration of these features makes the Puma Nova Elite Hybrid 2024 not just a tool, but an extension of the player's will on the court. Advanced players seeking a racket that embodies the balance of power and control while offering robust construction and a forgiving sweet spot will find this racket a compelling choice. It's a testament to Puma's dedication to innovating within the sport of padel, and it's one I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing and anticipate using in future matches.

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