Puma Nova Elite PWR 2024

Explore the Puma Nova Elite PWR 2024, a high-performance padel racket crafted for power and precision on the court.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.8




350 - 370 gr






12K Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber

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Puma Nova Elite PWR 2024

As an avid padel enthusiast, I've had the privilege to test out the Puma Nova Elite PWR 2024, a racket that has left a notable impression on me with its design and performance. This racket, with its carbon fiber construction and diamond shape, stands out as a top-tier option for advanced players looking for that extra power and precision in their game. Here's my comprehensive take on what makes the Puma Nova Elite PWR a standout choice on the padel court.


Shape and Balance

The diamond shape of the Puma Nova Elite PWR lends itself to a potent combination of power and control. This shape, typically favored by aggressive players, helps to concentrate the weight towards the top of the racket, thereby aiding in powerful shots. The balance feels fairly high, which is great for putting extra oomph into smashes.

Feel and Sweet Spot

Boasting a medium feel, this racket balances between a hard and soft touch, giving you a nice blend of feedback and comfort during play. Its sweet spot is not the largest since it's a diamond-shaped racket, but it's placed well for those who like to play with an aggressive swing and can consistently hit the spot.


Given its advanced design, maneuverability might be slightly demanding for newer players. However, seasoned or professional players will find that the structure of the Puma Nova Elite PWR promises swift movements and precise shot-making abilities once you've adapted to its balance and shape.

Power and Control

While testing the Puma Nova Elite PWR, I felt very comfortable delivering powerful shots without sacrificing control. This racket is truly engineered for those who like to dominate the game with forceful plays without losing the ability to stay precise and planned in their strokes.

Comfort and Rebound

In terms of comfort, the Puma Nova Elite PWR scores high. The combination of carbon fiber materials ensures a robust frame and face of the racket, contributing to a great rebound effect. This translates to less energy spent on generating speed and more on directing the ball where you want it to go.

Material and Durability

The carbon fiber frame and carbon fiber 12K faces offer durability that experienced players will appreciate. Carbon Fiber is renown for its strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring that the racket can endure intense play while maintaining a comfortable weight. The EVA core adds to the racket's responsive nature and ability to absorb shock, which is essential during high-impact shots.


In summary, the Puma Nova Elite PWR 2024 has impressed me with its balance of sheer power and refined control. It's a racket that demands a certain level of skill to fully leverage its potential, making it ideal for advanced players looking to make their mark on the court.

Its combination of premium materials and strategic design contribute to a playing experience that feels both energetic and controlled. While the maneuverability and sweet spot might present a challenge to some, they are features that can be mastered with practice and skill, rewarding the player with an enhanced game. The Puma Nova Elite PWR is definitely a shining star in the padel racket world and is worth a look for any players aiming to up their game to the highest levels.

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