Puma Nova Elite Momo 2024

Discover Puma Nova Elite Momo 2024: a padel racket designed for precision & power. Perfect for advanced player seeking control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.8




365 - 375 gr






3K carbon fiber


Carbon fiber

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Puma Nova Elite Momo 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of padel, the Puma Nova Elite Momo 2024 is a standout racket designed to cater to advanced-level players seeking both control and precision in their play. As I gripped this racket onto the court, I was able to notice the impeccable balance it brings to each shot, crafted to bolster a player's natural talents with a touch of professional finesse.


Shape and Balance

Round Shape for Supreme Control

Embracing the classic round shape, the Puma Nova Elite Momo 2024 gives you an undeniable command over the ball. Its design facilitates an evenly distributed weight, facilitating a game where control is paramount. I particularly appreciated the way this racket responds to instances where precision is required, turning defensive plays into tactical advantage points.

Feel and Swing

Medium-Hard Feel for Consistent Rebounding

Swinging the Nova Elite Momo, I encountered a medium-hard feel that assured a consistent rebound, assuring an engaged and responsive interaction during rallies. This feel signifies a racket that doesn’t just absorb the energy but rather channels it back effectively, enabling players to drive the ball with intention and strength.


Agile Movement with a Steady Grip

The Nova Elite Momo’s maneuverability was exemplary, with a balanced framework that does not compromise on stability. Moving across the court and transitioning between strokes felt natural; the racket was an extension of my own strategic foresight, an asset for players who thrive on creating dynamic plays.

Power and Control

Harmonized Power with Elite Control

The control offered by this racket is, in a word, elite. While the power it generates is more than sufficient to satisfy the attack-minded player, it’s the precise control that gives it a distinctive edge. I found myself delivering shots exactly where I intended, with the feedback from each strike resonating a perfect synergy between power and control.

Material and Durability

High-Quality Construction for Lasting Performance

Constructed with a carbon fiber frame and 3K carbon fiber faces, the Puma Nova Elite Momo 2024 is built to last. The EVA Pro core is robust, lending a durable character to the racket that ensures it can withstand the rigors of intense gameplay over time. The thoughtfulness in material selection reflects Puma's commitment to quality and performance.


Closing thoughts on the Puma Nova Elite Momo 2024 leave me impressed. It stands as a testament to what a modern padel racket can offer: superlative control, impressive power, and an aesthetic appeal that makes a statement on the court. Advanced players seeking to refine their skill set and lead games with precision will find themselves well equipped with this racket in hand.

Its rigorous construction promises durability while its balanced mechanics provide controlled power – a combination that seasoned players will value. The round shape and carbon build translate into a racket that not only performs admirably but also symbolizes a commitment to elevating one's game to match professional standards. The Puma Nova Elite Momo 2024, is more than just a racket; it's a partner in the pursuit of padel mastery.

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