Royal Padel RP 850 Pure 2023

Discover the Royal Padel RP 850 Pure 2023, engineered with carbon frame and faces plus EVA Soft core for optimal performance.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot6.8




360 - 380 gr




Soft EVA





Royal Padel RP 850 Pure 2023

In the realm of padel sport, the Royal Padel RP 850 Pure 2023 stakes its claim as a worthy contender. This rakish and competent racket shines in its style and quality, offering an exquisite balance of power and control that suits various players' needs.


Shape and Balance

The Royal Padel RP 850 Pure 2023 adopts the diamond shape, paving the way for an empowering performance. The diamond shape plays a crucial role in allocating more weight toward the head, enhancing its power quotient while maintaining substantial overall control.

Grip Convenience

In testing the Royal Padel RP 850 Pure 2023, I noticed an immediate comfort emanating from its grip. The grip size was on par with standards, fitting snugly in hand and promoting better control during intensive matches. This contributes to high playability throughout lengthy durations of the game.

Power and Control

Where the Royal Padel RP 850 Pure 2023 truly excels is in its power and control balance. The diamond shape yielding more power, coupled with just the right amount of control, makes this racket a force on the padel court. This optimal mix of features facilitates both defensive and attack gameplay efficiently.

Swiftness and Comfort

On the subject of comfort, the Royal Padel RP 850 Pure 2023 puts up an impressive show. It feels right in the hand, thanks to its precise design and the affable grip. Its balance enhances swift responses, offering a compatible blend of speed and accuracy.

Material and Durability

What sets the Royal Padel RP 850 Pure 2023 apart is its construction. The frame utilizes Carbon which ensures high-impact resistance and durability. On the faces, Carbon makes an appearance, warranting strength and resilience. The interior core, made with EVA Soft material, provides good rebound behavior and excellent ball speed control.


In conclusion, the Royal Padel RP 850 Pure 2023 posits itself as an ideal choice for players who are eager to increase their skill level. It provides a potent blend of power, control, comfortable grip, and long-lasting durability, making it a trustworthy ally on the padel court.

However, each player’s needs differ. So, it's vital to consider whether the Royal Padel RP 850 Pure 2023 aligns with your individual preferences and gameplay style. For those willing to invest in their growth and development in the sport of padel, this racket would be a great choice.

Never forget, the perfect racket can significantly impact your performance on the court. So, weigh all these factors diligently before making a decision. Wishing you the best in your fascinating journey through the world of padel!

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