Royal Padel RP M27 R-Control 2023

Experience the ultimate control with Royal Padel RP M27 R-Control 2023, a round-shaped padel racket with medium feel, constructed with top-tier materials.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.8




360 - 380 gr




Hybrid Polyethylene+EVA


12K Carbon



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Royal Padel RP M27 R-Control 2023

Engage yourself in an impressive, exciting and robust padel experience with the Royal Padel RP M27 R-Control 2023. This incredibly crafted racket is purpose-built for players who are passionate about the precision, control, and power blend during gaming. Here's our detailed analysis to give you an insight.


The strength of the Royal Padel RP M27 R-Control 2023 lies within its attention to the finest details that contribute to remarkable gameplay.

Shape and Balance

With a round shape, this racket enables an excellent feel and balance during gameplay. The shape creates an equilibrium across the surface, providing you with an unerring sense of stability while striking.


The grip of Royal Padel RP M27 R-Control 2023 stands as an absolute highlight. The standard fit offers you both control and comfort, which are paramount for prolonged games. Its capability to maintain the grip comfort level consistently is certainly a winning feature.

Material and Durability

The Royal Padel RP M27 R-Control 2023 shines in the material aspects with a commendable mix of Carbon 12K faces and a frame made out of Carbon. This combination undoubtedly adds to the racket's strength, durability, performance and life. The core of Hybrid Polyethylene+EVA gives the racket its unique feel and resistance, promising longevity.

Power and Control

There's no denying that power and control are the real tests for any racket. The Royal Padel RP M27 R-Control 2023 excels in these areas, with its excellent power suitable for offensive players and control needed for defensive tactics in the game. It lends you a significant advantage in both areas, making it a crucial asset on the court.

Comfort and Speed

On the comfort factor, the Royal Padel RP M27 R-Control 2023 outperforms many. Its finely balanced design and comfortable grip make playing extensively an immensely enjoyable experience. The speed with which you can swing this racket is commendable and offers precision.


To sum up, the Royal Padel RP M27 R-Control 2023 emerges as a robust choice for anyone looking to enhance their game. A combination of power and control, an ideal grip, and excellent durability make it a worthy pick in the landscape of padel rackets.

However, choosing the right padel racket is a highly individual choice. It is essential to consider whether the features of the racket align with your playing style and requirements. Put some thought into your decision to ensure you make a choice that truly helps elevate your game. One thing's for sure - the Royal Padel RP M27 R-Control 2023, will surely add to your riveting journey in the thrilling world of padel!

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