Siux Astra 3.0

Review of the Siux Astra 3.0 padel racket, featuring a medium feel and tear shape with premium carbono and EVA materials.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.9




355 - 375 gr






3K Carbon


50% Carbon - 50% Glass

Siux Astra 3.0

The Siux Astra 3.0 is a distinguished weapon in the padel world that is purposely designed for high performance and longevity. With a winning combination of exceptional materials and a brilliant design, this racket stands out as a top choice among many padel players worldwide.


Shape and Balance

The teardrop shape and balanced distribution structure of the Siux Astra 3.0 make it an exceptional choice for those seeking to balance power and control on the court. These features afford players the chance to make accurate shots with demanded force while minimizing the risk of wobbles and misdirection.

Surface and Core Material

Crafted with a 50% Carbon - 50% Glass frame and 3K Carbon faces, the Astra 3.0 is a representation of strength and durability. The composition of these materials on the racket's faces enhances power and control while ensuring the racket lasts for numerous seasons. Moreover, the EVA core contributes significantly to its considerable rebound capacity, further amplifying its power-oriented bias.

Grip and Comfort

From the handle to the tip, the Siux Astra 3.0 is a comfort haven. A significant advantage of this racket is how well it aligns with various hand sizes without causing discomfort. From long intense matches to the quick high-power games, comfort is one attribute of the Siux Astra 3.0 that is unarguable.

Power and Control

Harnessing power and control on every shot is what the Siux Astra 3.0 is best at. Whether you are an aggressive player seeking to reveal devastating power or a more conservative player looking to exploit control, this racket's medium feel ensures the optimal performance of both features.

Materials and Durability

Durability is a significant feature of the Siux Astra 3.0, thanks to the careful selection and combination of materials. The 50% Carbon - 50% Glass frame bears the brunt of powerful strikes while the 3K Carbon faces provide a sturdy platform for potent rebound. Likewise, the EVA core also adds to the racket's durability and boosts its resilience.

In Conclusion

In the end, the Siux Astra 3.0 is a premium choice for players seeking a perfect blend of power and control in a racket. It's a versatile tool made from durable materials and thoughtfully designed to ensure comfort during play. Its unique combination of high-quality materials, efficient shape, and balanced distribution makes it a desirable choice for any padel player.

While it's accommodating for a diverse range of players, it's essential for every player to consider their personal playing needs and how well the Siux Astra 3.0 meets these requirements. Whether you're moving up the ranks or just stepping onto the court, this racket's features are more than capable of meeting your playing needs. However, it's always advised to make a careful choice, resonant with your style, and be sure to enjoy every moment on the court.

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