Siux Invicta

Experience the high-quality Siux Invicta Padel Racket. Made with 100% Carbon frame, Carbon 3K faces, and an EVA Media core for exceptional performance.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.7




355 - 375 gr




Medium EVA


3K Carbon


100% Carbon

Siux Invicta

The Siux Invicta is a well-engineered, high-performance padel racket designed to significantly enhance a player's gameplay. Wrapped in a sleek design and infused with some of the best materials on the market, this racket offers a compelling blend of power and control that truly sets it apart.


Shape and Balance

Offering a distinct diamond shape, the Siux Invicta is brilliantly crafted to ensure superior striking power without sacrificing control. Remarkably, the clever design of this racket allows optimal balance throughout the frame, providing a virtually seamless playing experience.


In addition, the Invicta is equipped with an outstanding grip that we found notably comfortable in our review sessions. The manageable and ergonomic grip of this model not only contributes to its overall comfort but also aids in delivering measured strokes with improved precision.

Power and Control

In terms of power and control, the Siux Invicta is a true ace. The EVA Media core material employed in the construction gives it an impressive rebound capacity, ensuring power-packed strikes. On the other hand, control is significantly boosted by the carbon faces which maximize the impact of each swing, making it a dream racket for aggressive players.

Comfort and Maneuverability

Unquestionably, comfort is another area where the Invicta shines. Famed for its medium feel, the racket feels good in the hand, contributing to a more enjoyable and circular game. Moreover, the Invicta's balanced design paves the way for enhanced maneuverability, allowing players to control the court with swift movements and fluid strokes.

Material and Durability

Constructed using 100% carbon frame and incorporating 3K Carbon on the faces, the Siux Invicta assures durability without a doubt. This sturdy construction design assures survival against wear and tear and ensures the racket's longevity even under intense and demanding play schedules.


To wrap it up, the Siux Invicta is an exceptional choice for padel gamers who value power, control and playing comfort. Its perfect blend of top-quality materials and well-thought-out design showcases a remarkable balance between aggressive play and maintaining precise ball control.

As is the norm, it’s wise to consider if its features align with one’s playing style and level of expertise. While its dynamic design and construction might seem sophisticated to newer players, for intermediates and professionals searching to further hone their skillset, it stands out as a promising ally on the court. The Siux Invicta indisputably holds the capacity to infuse much-needed energy and precision into one’s gameplay, making it a worthwhile addition to any player’s arsenal. Centered around players' comfort and performance, it's an investment that can potentially yield rewarding returns on the padel court.

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