Siux Spyder Lite CTRL 3

Explore the Siux Spyder Lite CTRL 3 - the padel racket for precision play. Ideal for advanced players seeking control.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot9.1




355 - 375 gr




EVA Hard


12K Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

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Siux Spyder Lite CTRL 3

In the realm of padel, having the right racket in your hands can redefine your gameplay. After testing out the Siux Spyder Lite CTRL 3, I've gained insights into its performance and how it can serve players seeking a balance between control and tactical play.


Shape and Balance

The round shape and lower balance of the Siux Spyder Lite CTRL 3 is a haven for players aiming for pinpoint accuracy. With its design, I found that it offers a sublime sense of control, enabling me to place the ball right where I intended, again and again.


Talking about the Dual Pro Grip, it's noticeable how it enhanced my hold on the racket. The added texture allows for a better grip, significantly reducing slippage and improving precision during intense rallies.

Power and Control

The Spyder Lite CTRL 3’s carbon fiber frame and 12K carbon fiber faces work in harmony to provide a medium-hard feel. This combination delivers sufficient power without sacrificing the exceptional control that's indispensable in strategically played points.

Rebound and Maneuverability

Considering the racket's rebound capabilities, it strikes a balance that favors control over raw force. Maneuverability with this racket is above par, as I found it very agile and responsive during quick exchanges at the net.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is quite generous on this racket due to its round shape, which I found to be very forgiving during off-center hits. It’s one of those features that boosts confidence, knowing that the racket offers some leeway during fast-paced games.

Material and Durability

Constructed with hard EVA core and reinforced by 12K carbon fiber on the faces, this racket is built to last. The carbon fiber frame also enhances the racket's resilience, making it able to withstand the demands of regular play without showing significant wear.


To wrap up, the Siux Spyder Lite CTRL 3 has impressed me with its meticulous blend of control-centric features and durability. It's a racket that feels intuitive and reliable on the court, designed to complement a strategic style of play. Its focus on precision and comfort makes it a sound option for players who prioritize control and tactical positioning over raw power. The quality materials, craftsmanship, and thoughtful design aspects reflect a racket that’s certainly worth considering for those aiming to master the control aspects of padel.

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