Siux Trilogy GO 4

Explore the Siux Trilogy GO 4 Padel Racket, perfect for advanced play with a blend of control and power. Round shape and soft feel for precision.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




355 - 375 gr




EVA Soft


3K Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber - Fiberglass

Siux Trilogy GO 4

Exploring the Siux Trilogy GO 4 padel racket is like delving into a treasure trove of features designed to enhance the prowess of avid paddlers. As someone who has put this racket through its paces, I can attest to its unique blend of technical finesse and ergonomic design, engineered to suit players who value precision and balanced performance above all.


Shape and Balance

Round Shape for Supreme Control

With its round shape, the Siux Trilogy GO 4 promises an exceptional level of control. The structure of the racket allows for a concentrated sweet spot at the core, which translates to more accurate shots even during high-pressure moments in the game.


Comfort that Lasts

During my time on the court with the Siux Trilogy GO 4, the grip was one of the standout features. The ergonomics of this racket ensure that you can maintain a firm and comfortable hold throughout your match, contributing to an overall feeling of precision in your grip and swings.

Power and Control

A Harmonious Duo

Even as a padel aficionado, the Siux Trilogy GO 4’s blend of power and control caught me by surprise. Although not the most powerful racket in the market, it provides more than enough punch for a strategically played game, while the control aspect truly shines, bringing a balance that can elevate any player's game.

Comfort and Speed

Swift and Sustainable

The comfort provided by the Siux Trilogy GO 4 is top-notch, ensuring playability that doesn't wane even after hours on the court. Coupled with a design focused on responsiveness, the racket offers a satisfying level of speed to complement its smooth handling.

Material and Durability

Built to Last

Frame and Faces

For the Siux Trilogy GO 4, the combination of a carbon-fiber frame with fiberglass reinforces its durability, promising great resilience against wear and tear. The racket faces, made of 3K carbon fiber, are designed to not only withstand repeated use but also to enhance the racket's performance with each strike.

Core Innovation

The EVA Soft core adds a layer of comfort and feel, essential for those players who look for a more forgiving impact without losing the essence of the feedback needed to adjust their game in real time.


Overall, the Siux Trilogy GO 4 padel racket emerges as a dependable companion for players seeking a sweet spot between control, comfort, and tactical versatility. As with any racket, it’s all about the synergy between player and equipment. This racket, in particular, suits those who value rhythm and finesse in their game over raw power. With its impeccable balance and quality construction, the Siux Trilogy GO 4 is not just a tool but an extension of the player's intentions on the court.

Ultimately, the choice is personal and should be guided by your playing style and what you aim to achieve in your padel trajectory. The Siux Trilogy GO 4 could be the perfect fit if your game orbits around strategizing and skillful control.

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