Wilson Accent

Discover the versatile Wilson Accent Padel Racket, perfect for an enhanced game with medium-soft feel and tear shape design.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.6




360 gr




EVA Soft


Fiberglass + carbon


Fiberglass + carbon

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Wilson Accent

Exploring the Wilson Accent padel racket is like discovering a well-crafted tool designed to enhance your performance on the court. With its combination of innovative materials and design, the Wilson Accent stands out as a versatile racket suited for players aiming to elevate their game. It's my pleasure to break down its features and offer a firsthand account of how it fares during play.


Shape and Balance

Tear Shape

The tear shape of the Wilson Accent provides a fantastic equilibrium between power and control, ideal for players who seek a balance in their game. Its design leads to a higher sweet spot, which I found to be forgiving and consistent during play, allowing for precision even when under pressure.


Ergonomic Comfort

In terms of the grip, the Wilson Accent sits comfortably in the hand thanks to its ergonomic design. Over the course of several matches, the racket felt like a natural extension of my arm, offering a secure hold that translated into confident shots and quick reactions at the net.

Material and Durability

Fiberglass and Carbon Composition

The frame is composed of a mix of fiberglass and carbon, while the faces also feature this hybrid construction, providing a great blend of flexibility and strength. The EVA Soft core cushions each impact, lending a medium-soft feel that's gentle on the arm without sacrificing the punch needed to drive the ball across the court.


Maneuverability and Sweet Spot

With its excellent maneuverability, the Wilson Accent allows for swift movements and adjusts easily to a variety of shots, from lobs to volleys. The sizable sweet spot is definitely a highlight, offering consistent rebounds and contributing to an intuitive playing experience.

Feel and Playstyle Adaptation

Medium-Soft Feel

The medium-soft feel of the racket caters to players who appreciate a blend of power and control without an overly rigid impact. The forgiving nature of the Wilson Accent is excellent for those looking to perform a variety of shots with a comfortable, less jarring feel on the arm.


In summary, the Wilson Accent padel racket is a compelling option for players who value versatility and comfort on the court. Its thoughtful design and material composition make for a delightful playing experience that accommodates a range of playing styles. Whether you're engaging in a strategic defense or an aggressive offense, the Wilson Accent provides the necessary tools to execute your game plan effectively.

While geared towards players who appreciate medium-soft feel and a higher sweet spot, the adaptability of this racket should not be underestimated. It's a noteworthy option in the Wilson lineup, and for those in search of a well-rounded racket, the Wilson Accent proves to be an excellent companion on the padel court.

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