Star Vie Kraken Pro 2021

Explore the superior power and control of the Star Vie Kraken Pro 2021 Padel Racket - a mix of Carbon Fiber and Medium Density EVA.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




350 - 385 gr




Medium Density EVA


Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

Star Vie Kraken Pro 2021

Introducing the Star Vie Kraken Pro 2021, one of the standout padel rackets from the ever-popular brand, Star Vie. This racket is especially designed for players looking for the perfect combination of power and control. Its unique configuration and top-class materials offer a remarkable gaming experience, blurring the boundaries between advanced and professional players.


Shape and Balance

The Star Vie Kraken Pro 2021 is characterized by a tear shape. This shape, combined with an excellent balanced profile, provides an edge in high-intensity rallies, ensuring a nice blend of power and control.


In my hands-on experience, the Kraken Pro 2021 provides a comfortable grip. The typical size fits perfectly, offering our hand a nice combination of comfort, firmness and control during play time. This culminates in a continuous, high-level performance during matches.

Power and Control

The power rendered by the Star Vie Kraken Pro 2021 is truly notable. The medium-hard feel of the EVA Medium Density core material allows strong shots without losing control. This is a racket that shines in both defensive and offensive plays, ideal for any game situation.

Comfort and Speed

Concerning comfort, the Kraken Pro excels, providing an enjoyable gaming experience. The general design together with the grip and balance results in fast-paced responses enabling precision and speed.

Material and Durability

The Star Vie Kraken Pro 2021 ensures a high level of durability with its Carbon Fiber frame and faces, giving it a sturdy built and a longer lifespan. However, style-conscious players may want a wider variety of colors, as the Kraken Pro 2021 offers a limited palette.


Summarizing, the Star Vie Kraken Pro 2021 is an excellent choice for both advanced and professional players seeking to level up their game. It's a perfect all-rounder providing astounding power, control, comfort and durability.

However, as usual, the best choice of racket always depends on each player's necessities and preferences. Therefore, players should consider their own playing style and the specifics of the Star Vie Kraken Pro 2021 before making a decision. It can be argued that this is a considerable investment in one's padel development, it's a racket truly worth considering.

Ultimately, the perfect racket plays a significant role in your padel performances, so choose wisely and enjoy the wonderful world of padel!

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